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VampireKnightDressUpYukiGame3aFullVersionSoftwareTarot Weblog Adam Mc. Lean. 15 December 2. The Legrande Circus and Sideshow Tarot was recently issued by US Games. The set of large, intensely coloured cards is supplied in a substantial cardboard box, which surely is the best way to package tarot. The imagery evokes the atmosphere of circus acts and the sideshows that surround a circus. It is a Rider Waite clone, following the Pamela Colman Smith images quite closely, though, of course, translating these into the world of the circus. The artist, Joe Lee, is not just someone enthused by circus imagery, but he studied clowning at the Barnum and Bailey Clown College, worked as a professional circus clown with Ringling Brothers Circus, and later wrote a number of books on the subject. After leaving the circus life he taught art classes in New York and came to establish himself as an illustrator. So who could be better to create a circus themed tarot. December 2. 01. 5A month ago I showed three tarots I had bought from the Italian publisher who produced the Bambolanera Tarot. About a year ago I also purchased the artwork for their Hieronymus Bosch inspired designs. These are the original drawings, rather than an actual published deck. I do not usually have. I found I could not resist this one. The artwork is credited to Layla and is in the form of pen line drawings. Each card depicts. Hieronymus Bosch painting. I wish I could find the actual name of the artist. December 2. 01. 5In the mid 1. US cartoon series The Simpsons had a scene with a tarot reader. The character Lisa visits a tarot reader and during this she draws card XXIII The Happy Squirrel. A few tarot artists, probably fans of The Simpsons, came to include a Happy Squirrel card in their decks. I noticed that Ly Narciso included this in his recent deck we looked at on the 1. November, and this led me to wonder just how many tarot include this. I can count nine, but there may well be more. Tarot de Maria Celia. Touchstone Tarot. Tierneys Delight. Midnight Masquerade. Tarot Collectors Forum deck 2. Picture Postcard. Mibramig. International Icon. VideoSexArchive is a free porn tube with lots of hot fucking XXX for all tastes and your satisfaction. Will always find yourself something new and take a fancy. Animism. Robin Ators International Icon of 2. Robyn Tisch Hollisters Midnight Masquerade. I would welcome notices of any I have missed from this provisional list. November 2. 01. 5Sordid Lives is an American television series created, written, and directed by Del Shores and broadcast in 2. It was essentially a prequel to the 2. Sordid Lives, also by Shores, self described as a Black comedy about white trash. I/31fDtU0SPWL._SR600%2C315_PIWhiteStrip%2CBottomLeft%2C0%2C35_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg' alt='Vampire Knight Dress Up Yuki Game: Full Version Software' title='Vampire Knight Dress Up Yuki Game: Full Version Software' />Vampire Knight Dress Up Yuki Game: Full Version SoftwareSteve Blum, Actor Digimon Digital Monsters. Steve Blum was born on April 29, 1960 in Santa Monica, California, USA as Steven Jay Blum. He is an actor and writer. A publicity notice states The show is set in small town Texas and centers on the Ingram family. The story of Bible thumping Baptists, beer swilling bar trash and everyone in between in a small Texas town, contrasted with the appearance driven world of Hollywood and the hysterical comedy and tender poignancy that come from learning to be yourself and love the family you have instead of the family you want. I have never seen this show, nor would I want to, but it seems to have made sufficient impact to have inspired this tribute deck. Set of 2. 2 Majors plus 4 additional cards. November 2. 01. 5On the third of November I drew attention to a number of decks inspired by the Alice in Wonderland theme. On Monday while adding Korean material to my database I found that I had another fine tarot on this theme. The Tarot Card Alice book and deck issued in Korea in December 2. Tenniel to Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. These have been subtly and sensitively redrawn and coloured without overwhelming the underlying drawings. At first glance one would think the colouring was through watercolour, but on close inspection this appears to have been done digitally in watercolour style. November 2. 01. 5The Lilith Bible Tarot, created by Lorelei Douglas, seems to be an attempt to recontextualise Christianity within a wider pagan and female centred mythology, drawing on Jewish and Egyptian elements. I cannot immediately grasp many of the reworkings within the imagery, I suppose I must wait for an explanatory book. The previously obscure Lilith myth become popularised in the late 2. This tarot seems to work within this emergent myth. Lilith appears on the Lovers card, with Adam and Eve in the foreground. Here she is identified with the serpent on the tree, and we see her in the same role as the High Priestess. I/61BQ7o-pF8L.jpg' alt='Vampire Knight Dress Up Yuki Game: Full Version Software' title='Vampire Knight Dress Up Yuki Game: Full Version Software' />One would have to be relatively well read in Christian and Jewish mythology to grasp the meaning of many of the Major arcana within this system, though the Minors to a great extent follow the Pamela Colman Smith prototype. The artwork is a composite of line drawings with collaged elements, probably built up in layers using software like Photoshop. November 2. 01. 5The people who designed the Life. Deck of Kelcross certainly take themselves very seriously. Id name publisher region languages group imagesize serial titleid imgcrc filename releasename trimmedsize firmware type card 2428 Fire Emblem Warriors N3DS Only. NZD New Zealand Dollar Latest News, Analysis and Forex. Latest NZD market news, analysis and New Zealand Dollar trading forecast. Son force mom sex pics, old forced sex scene rape, old man forced fuck to young, sleeping patients rape by doctor video watching, preity zinta takin shower 3gp, sex. Adams Tarot Weblog Entries from 6th July 2010. Go to Archive 1 entries from 21st November 2006 to 30th April 2007. Go to Archive 2 entries from 1st May 2007 to. They have created their own mythological structure around a supposed realm of Kelcross. The deck was apparently created by six people. The Earth, Water and Air suits use the same diffuse, out of focus, style, obviously created digitally, while the Fire suit and the Majors which in Kelcross speak is the Majum have quite strong outlines which may have been first drawn by pen then scanned and coloured digitally. The creators of this imagined world have set up a Facebook Kelcross Academy to explain the elements of their underlying esoteric mythology. The Majors follow the established archetypes though some cards are renamed. Pathfinder Full Movie. The imagery of the pips of the Minors to a great extent reference Pamela Colman Smiths emblem sequences, but with considerable variations. I seem to recall this was initially launched as a Kickstarter project, but I am not sure if it proved successful. At any rate it is now available from the print on demand card game publisher www. The. Gamecrafter. November 2. 01. 5The Gioco degli Arcani Maggiori is a Majors only tarot issued in April 2. Italy. The. concept and book is by Valeria Menozzi and the illustrations were made by A. Coppola. These were created digitally but in the style of watercolour paintings without constraining pen outlines. The imagery is quite cute. We see the Priestess with her cauldron and her little alchemical still. The Hermit seems very conventional, but then we notice at his feet a little hermit crab. I cannot remember ever seeing that in a tarot, though perhaps my memory fails me here, but this is a neat touch. Another unique feature is the Death card, here renamed as the Golem. We recall that the Golem is an idea in late medieval Jewish magic where an almost. Rabbi Loew of Prague. November 2. 01. 5The Dream Monsters Tarot by William Zierfus is a riot of eyes, amorphous bodies and bright colours. William Zierfus is a US writer and artist, who has written and illustrated a number of childrens books and is probably influenced by the Dr. Seuss stories and illustrations. His monsters are far from scary. They are like blobs of protoplasmic lime, cherry and lemon jelly. They remind me of the early surrealistic paintings of Johfra some decades before his more emblematic Zodiac Series. I am not sure if William Zierfus had seen these rather neglected paintings of Johfra Bosschart from the 1. Three of Johfras paintings and a drawing are shown on the right for comparison. November 2. 01. 5There are a number of dark decks, tarot designs that dwell on the negative, dark side of humanity, often with images of grim horror and decay. We can recall such as the Tarot der Schatten, the Savage Tarot, the Marilyn Manson Tarot, the Devils Tarot, the Alchemical Wedding Tarot and a number more.