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Motus Free Share. Point 2. 01. 3 Theme. Motus is a minimally designed responsive mobile friendly Landing page with Video Background theme for Share. Point 2. 01. 3 Publishing Sites. The theme is Bootstrap based and contains an easy to customize video background in the top section and five more editable sections. Motus theme is intended to help Share. Point 2. 01. 3 newbies with the site branding and customization of public facing websites. More work might be necessary if not required. Color Code List Items with JavaScript and JSLink in SharePoint 2013, Using JSLink to Customize Rendering of List Items,SharePoint 2013 js link, js link. Thresholds were introduced by Microsoft in SharePoint 2010 in order to prevent large queries from occurring which have an impact on performance of the SharePoint. This article describes the OOB features of a SharePoint 2013 Online site that can be accessed via the mobile browser view Contemporary view. UploadFile/carlbj01/best-way-to-create-lists-libraries-in-sharepoint-2013/Images/Add%20new%20app.jpg' alt='Upload List Template Sharepoint 2013' title='Upload List Template Sharepoint 2013' />This is a blog post in the series How to set up a productcentric website in SharePoint Server 2013. In this series, Ill use data from a. Installation. Download the Motus. Assuming you already have a Share. Point 2. 01. 3 Publishing Sites created and accessible using an URL path that looks like this http Your. Site. comsitesMotus, go to Site Settings and under Web Designer Galleries area click on Master pages and page layouts. Create a new folder called Motus and under it create four more sub folders css, fonts, images and js. First, upload the master page motus. Motus folder, provided in the Motus package, by selecting Files tab on the ribbon and then Upload Document. On the pop up window make sure you select ASP NET Master Page for the Content Type, give your master page a name and a title, select version 1. Save button. Make sure you publish the master page. Next, upload the page layout motus Home. Motus folder. Click on the Files tab on the ribbon, and click Upload Document. Garageband Instrument Pack. On the pop up window select Page Layout Content Type, give your page layout a name and a title. For the Associated Content Type select Page Layout Content Types for the Group and Article Page for Content Type Name. Next, upload the css, fonts, images and js files provided in the package under the newly created sub folders. Make sure you publish all the files. Once youre done uploading all the files go to Site Settings and under Look and Feel click on Master page. On the Site Master Page Settings make sure you have Motus master page selected as Default and click OK button. I dont recommend changing the System Master Page, just leave the default on. Now, head over to Site Settings and under Look and Feel click on Page layouts and site templates. Make sure you have Motus Page Layout on the right side of the Page Layouts templates. To assign Motus page layout, edit your page and from the Page Layout option under Page tab select the Motus Page Layout. Once the Motus Page Layout has been selected, fill out the necessary sections with the mock up content provided in the html folder. So, for the About Section use the 1 home about. Projects Section use the 2 home projects. Add Content Editor web part for each section so you can Copy Paste the HTML code provided for each section. Background Video. To change the background video open motus Home. Plug your You. Tube video ID in the video. URL property video. URL Bsekc. Y0. 4xv. Q. To pick a starting point for video use the start. At 3. 0 where 3. To end the video use stop. At 6. 0 where 6. So, the video background is set to loop from second 3. Map. To change the map displayed in the footer, open motus Home. If you like the theme dont forget to leave a comment or maybe you would like to show your appreciation and buy me a beer Thank you and stay tuned for more Share. Point branding goodies Theme Features Landing page with Video Background Modern and Responsive Web Design 1 custom Master Page 1 custom Page Layout Bootstrap and j. Query javascript Font Awesome Icons 6 HTML Page Templates for sections Ideal for any screen resolution automatically adjusting to different screen resolutions Simple Easy to Deploy and Customize Compatible with modern browsers tested successfully on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE9 Developed for Share. Point 2. 01. 3 Publishing Sites. Download Motus Theme for Share. Point 2. 01. 3 Publishing Sites.