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Whats Your Vintage Tool Worth     When it comes to putting a value on the old tools you have your guess is as good as mine. I get an incredible amount of emails asking me what the value of their old tool is. Some people start with the I would like to know more about it question before bringing up the cherished whatzit worth question. I wish I had more time then I could answer everyone that wrote but thats not the case. Generally though to save you slogging through this post is, the more concerned you are about the price the more disappointed you will be when you find out. Now even though I have had a lot of practice welding, with other tools like table saws etc I am an accident waiting to happen. Not only that I dont know much more about then than you could find out yourself by talking to the new God. Google. You can get answers there for everything. Tool For Scratching Lottery Tickets' title='Tool For Scratching Lottery Tickets' />Is It Vatable is a nifty little tool by the clever folks at Bluegg which helps printers and designers find out what printed materials are have added VAT. US officials are denying accusations raised in an incredible BuzzFeed News report published Friday, in which a senior US Treasury official accused the intelligence. DIY Scratch Off Lottery Ticket So cool My 6 year old son is fascinated with lottery tickets. This could be a fun reward system. Find this Pin and more on Kids. Praying to God for answers seems to take a lot longer and when they do come it is often in the form of signs that you have to interpret. Generally though here is what I tell people. First check out e. Bay to see what your tool may be listed there for. This is fun because I have noticed that a lot of people have started listing tools for crazy prices. Of course no one buys them for those prices which is what you really want to know. If you have an ebay account though you can do an advanced search to see if any tools similar to yours have actually sold. I noticed that sold number is often hugely lower than the numbers some people list stuff for. Dont let this discourage you though as shipping is what often kills e. Bay sales. Especially on larger stuff. Next, especially if you have time, you can watch craigslist. Online-Lotteries.png' alt='Tool For Scratching Lottery Tickets' title='Tool For Scratching Lottery Tickets' />You might see similar tools there. If you find something similar email yourself the link to that page and stop in every once in awhile. If it comes up deleted by author then they may have very well sold it. Personally I have noticed that there is a big demand out there for vintage tools that seems to be growing. The only problem is most of the buyers are like me to lazy to get a real job and too cheap to pay anything for those tools. Now obviously this is not always the case and of course would depend on your area. I bought most of my tools just at the right time. The prices were really cheap and a lot of the ones I bought had been listed on Craigslist for weeks before I finally came along and let some of my tightly gripped cash go. Now one perception I have is the rarer the toolbrand is the less you could likely get for it. I know, this counters common sense but is no different than antiques. I have years of experience in this area. The rarity of the antique does not do much for the value. Not near as much as the DEMAND for the item does. Rarity though, that is caused by demand, will drive the price sky high. Rarity because the company went broke long before they had a chance to sell enough tools does nothing for the price. Now a prime example of this would be say a 1. Essix car. Rare as hens teeth compared to say a 1. Ford Roadster but it would be pretty safe to say that it would take five to ten Essixs to buy just one 3. Ford. This is caused by demand. Who the hell wants a rare 2. WE01095778/3232425/bigstockCoquitlamBCCanadaMarch62-3232425_p9.jpg' alt='Tool For Scratching Lottery Tickets' title='Tool For Scratching Lottery Tickets' />Tool For Scratching Lottery TicketsEssix      To me you will likely get the highest price, vintage tool wise, from some of the more common brands. Delta Millwauki, Atlas, Walker Turner, Beaver, Delta Rockwell, Dewalt etc. One of the reasons for this is most of those tools are often still useable and parts are not that hard to find if you were to need parts. Now eventually the rarity gig will catch on when the compete and compare group start looking for more stand out status. When that happens rarity will start to take off a lot more price wise. In fact it may have in your area already. One of the biggest problems with vintage tools is parts are getting hard to get. Most new tool buyers are worried about this and thus avoid vintage tools. They buy cheap imported tools that have NO parts availability. Then they just throw it out a few weeks or months later when the job is done andor the tool has quit. This is great for shipping jobs and money overseas so they can build a big war machine also. Not only that if you are attached to your kids you have less worry about them being able to leave home since that requires they have a job. Now say you did come up with a price that you were comfortable with I would list it on craigslist. The thing with craigslist is there is not shipping to kill the deal. The real money to be made via e. Bay is if you have a shipping company. Now depending on your area it may take a few hours or few months to sell your gem. If longer just keep re listing it and forget about it. One of the big tricks to craigslist is knowing that almost nothing gets sold there. John Wesley Pumpkin Patch there. Most people on craigslist dont have a clue about selling. They just list it. The buyer sees the picture, imagines what your junk will do for his life and then calls you to come and buy it. He is 9. 8 percent sold before he even gets there. If you shut up he will buy it. Start trying to sell it and he will likely back out. Now if you are a real salesman as in thats your day job you will know this to be true. Banks are salesman. They charge you money to keep your money in their banks so they can lend it out to other people and charge them money. Great gig but takes a lot of real selling. Just as it does selling some sucker a big screen tv that is going depreciate to almost nothing the moment it leaves the store, will be obsolete in a few months and will probably last no longer than a year or so. The Fundamentals Of Hedge Fund Management Ebook. Then at the end of the year it takes an even better salesman to sucker that same sucker in again on the next latest greatest tv. This is real selling. Government gangsters do the same thing at election time. It used to be may the best man win now it is the best salesman that wins. They have to be salesman mostly because they almost never do anything they promise. Almost all their plans for improvement backfire on the people they intended to help and they charge you copious amounts of money to do all that for you. So remember people have bought a lot of my junk on craiglist. I have sold almost nothing there.