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Ive been asked about whats a good reasonably priced NVR that supports a wide range of cameras. I thought about it and most that come from surveillance cameras. NetSurveillance, free download. NetSurveillance 8. Super NetSurveillance. Overview. NetSurveillance is a Shareware software in the category Servers. View and Download Super Circuits SYRF04 installation and setup manual online. Camera H. 264 Security System. SYRF04 Security System pdf manual download. On Tuesday, the TSA announced a pilot program using new biometric technology to replace boarding passes and IDs with quick fingerprint scans. Q See CCTV DVR System Not as cool as it could be Amal Graafstra. Weve had some issues with home security recently, so before anything serious happens I bought a Q See QSD2. C1. 6 5. 00 DVR from Costco. The system is a network DVR setup that comes with 1. CMS-Software/iDVR-PRO/iPims-9-Camera-Display.jpg' alt='Super Net Surveillance Dvr Download Software' title='Super Net Surveillance Dvr Download Software' />The whole reason I looked into buying this setup is that it was cheap. It was a pretty good deal since the cameras run about 5. Hooking up the system and using the onscreen menu was fairly easy. The problem I have with this network DVR is the direction Q See went with their network interface design and software development. When it comes to network connected video devices, Im used to the concept of streaming. Im used to IP video cameras that streaming technologies like MJPEG and MPEG. While the QSD2. 31. CMSClient.jpg' alt='Super Net Surveillance Dvr Download Software' title='Super Net Surveillance Dvr Download Software' />LS VISION China No. IP Camera Supplier for Tough Environment. Leading Security Video Surveillance Solution Provider of CCTV Camera. Security Camera Supplier. Review and pay your bill, signup to pay your bill automatically, check your email, and see the latest upgrade offers and deals. Windows 7 Repair Disc 64-Bit Iso. Signin to My Verizon today HD NVR Surveillance System with 4 Full 1080p HD Cameras LNR84W NEW PRODUCT. C1. 6 5. 00 DVR locally records analog video using the H. The DVR does have a web interface, but it is simply is a launchpad for an Active. X component. This limits you to accessing the DVR via a Windows PC running Internet Explorer. Furthermore, the Active. X component is highly unstable. It crashes on all but a couple of my several PCs I have around 1. I use at any given time. They also have mobile options if you are running a phonePDA with Windows Mobile or Symbian OS, but alas I have a Black. Berry so my options for mobile monitoring are nonexistent. After some Googling and poking around on the DVRs web interface really its just web launched software app, I determined I couldnt even pull a live static JPG snapshot from any of the cameras, let alone get a decent video stream. I called Q See tech support to find out if there was a developer toolkit or SDK or even just some documentation on how the DVRs network interface worked, but got shutdown immediately. There is no SDK, and in no way did they want to help me figure out if what I was after was even possible. Their approach to software is very confusing to me, being they are a hardware manufacturer that makes money selling hardware, not software. Why not focus on the internal software menus, features, etc. I found the Contact a Manager section on their website and wrote the following I want Q See to open up documentation for the DVR command and video streaming methods. That, or introduce standard web streaming technologies like MJPEG or MPEG video streams, and utilize those streaming technologies via a standardized web interface. This Active. X component is ridiculously limiting, and very unstable. I can only get it and the CMS to work properly on one out of 5 computers. At the very minimum, an SDK would be nice so a guy could create a proper web streaming server. If this is something Q See management would like to discuss in further detail, Im always available with an opinion. I really dont get why they didnt create a standard web interface in the first place. I would think it would capture more market share and cost less to dev and support than a wonky Active. X component. I wonder what their response will be, if any. This entry was posted. Monday, May 1. 1th, 2. Reviews. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.