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The news isnt all bad, though. The latest version of Skype features updates that bring it more in line with its competition, messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. Why Is Skype Forcing A Software Upgrade On All Of Us Plus The Community OutrageToday when I opened up my laptop and switched to Skype, I found that I had been logged out The text in that image says Weve signed you out because youre using an outdated version of Skype. Download the latest version now. Now, to be clear, I wasnt using an ancient version of Skype. My laptop had version 6. March 2. 01. 3 so yes, it was over a year old, but the thing with Skype is that it has had a history of always just working, which perhaps we as users have gotten used to. The upgrade went fine on my Mac. Book Pro that is still running Mountain Lion 1. Im now using Skype version 6. Community Outrage In a Skype public chat in which I participate a number of other users said theyd been logged out and looking in the Windows Skype community and Mac Skype community web forums I see MANY messages from people who are experiencing problems over the past week. The frustration is even visible in the Linux Skype community a community Skype has often ignored, where a staff moderator posted last Friday, August 1, this message From today, users with Skype for Linux version 4. Skype. The error messages user will see during sign in may include Cant Connect to Skype or Cant login on Skype. To continue using Skype, please update to the latest version. Skype Old Version For Iphone' title='Skype Old Version For Iphone' />Rebuilt from the ground up, the new Skype vastly improves the ways you can connect with your favorite people and, of course, chatting is front and center. Stats I have the 64 bit version, Toshiba CB 35 4gm RAM Internal SSD 128g. I installed the 64Bbit ARChon and the TABLET version of Skype. Two things I noticed NOT. Have you had enough of Skype This group and video chat messenger has tough competition. Tai Game Ban May Bay'>Tai Game Ban May Bay. Here are six free services that can replace Skype for you. Download Skype for your computer, mobile, or tablet to stay in touch with family and friends from anywhere. The replies mostly indicate that the new version of Skype wont work on various configurations of Linux. The 9. 9th response to the threadperhaps sums up the anger best In all your web content you people claim that forcing us to drop 4. Skype experience better. If you have bothered to read all the responses in this topic, by now I hope you understand YOU ARE NOT MAKING SKYPE BETTER FOR US. Pulseaudio does not work with my USB external audio equipment, and running it causes my other audio based apps to stop working. If you want to make Skype better for us, put ALSA support back in. Or release the source code so we can do it ourselves. Pad2.jpg' alt='Skype Old Version For Iphone' title='Skype Old Version For Iphone' />Or stop blocking 4. DOES make our lives easier. What you have done to Skype is an abomination. You can see similar sentiment in the lengthy thread in the Mac community. Heres the 7. 8th message in the thread Hello. Senior citizens arent often thought of as a techsavvy bunch, but times sure are changing. The baby boomers have had a decade or so to get comfortable with. Microsofts new Skype 8. Google Play Store. The app is currently only available on Android. Skype 8. 0 features a brand new UI courtesy. Download and install latest version of Skype free IM video calls app for free at Freepps. Ratings, user reviews, direct apk files download links. Skype Old Version For Iphone' title='Skype Old Version For Iphone' />Skype Old Version  For IphoneOkay, straight to the point. THIS is not a solution. Ive tried many times diferent approaches to this problem. From trying to use an old version 2. I downloaded and when I tried to sign in it logs me out cuz its asks AGAIN for the update I even tried unistall skype and download it again, but everything fails. And no, I wont update to Mavricks Im fine with the current version I have thanks. So, plz, I do like skype, its awesome for work which I use EVERYDAY and keep in contact, but this is waaaaaaay out. PLEASE GIVE A SOLUTION. THANK YOU. happy A big issue in reading the threads seems to be that many people still need to use older versions of their base operating system and the latest versions of Skype will not work with those operating systems. Heres an example Im ready to drop Skype. I do not allow even APPLE to tell me how to configure my computer, much less MICROSOFT who owns skype since 2. There is no way Im upgrading to Mavericks. Absolutely no need, and I still use applications that require Rosetta, which is not available in anything past 1. Bye bye skype. Ill use it on my i. Phone, but no more on my desktop, and if it gets weird on my i. Phone skype will simply lose a customer. Period. There are MANY more examples. Windows community as well. All in all it seems that this forced upgrade is not going down well with many people. Skypes Statements. As far as I can see, Skype is pointing people to this support article about upgrading that says. We want everyone to experience the best Skype has to offer from enhanced quality to better reliability to improved security and the newest version of Skype is the way to do that. So everyone can benefit from the latest improvements, from time to time we retire older versions of Skype across all platforms, including mobile devices. Its easy to update Skype once you do, youll have access to the latest features our team has worked hard to deliver. When we retire older versions of Skype, if you are still on an older version, you would be signed out of Skype automatically and wont be able to sign in again until you upgrade to a new version. Simply follow the steps below to download, install, and sign in to the latest version, and youll be back in Skype in no time. Skype also provided a bit of a preview of this action in a July 1. Update Skype now to improve your experience where they trumpted all the benefits of upgrading and included one little line about the impending retirement. So everyone can benefit from the latest improvements, well retire older versions of Skype across all platforms, including mobile devices, in the near future. July 2. 01. 4. But Why, Skype The lingering question is. I mean, I do understand that one of the strengths of Skype historically has been that it just worked and that pretty much any version of Skype would still let you connect. This has allowed Skype to become the amazingly ubiquitous communication tool that it has become. The down side of this for MicrosoftSkype is that they cant get people to use all their new services or see their new ads if there are so many older versions. Similarly, they cant move to new technical architectures that may provide better service when they have to also support a long history of past releases. For example, their move away from the peer to peer architecture that was their original highlight to more of a centralized cloud architecture to provide better support for mobile clients. I get all that. I can understand why Microsoft would want even need everyone to use newer versions of Skype. But why now Why the end of July 2. Was that just an arbitrary date Is there something else driving it And what changes are being made in these newer versions Is it, as one friend said, because Microsoft wants to move away from P2. P chat Or make some other technical changes What are they doing that caused them to decide NOW was the time to move The somewhat crazy thing with the timing is that it is not like Skype is the only choice for people now. There are a ton of competing communication channels. Ive personally been using Apples Facetime and Google Hangouts a good bit more these days for communication. As I wrote about recently, Facebook is clearly looking to make their Messenger be a mobile tool for voice and chat communication. And there are many other mobile apps that are trying to be the next Skype. Plus. there is the whole world of Web. RTC and the zillion new apps and sites that are providing new ways to communicate. Medallion Guarantee Program. And maybe THAT is the driver. Perhaps Microsoft realizes that to compete with all these new services and to be able to evolve Skype they NEED to force users to come up to the latest versions. Perhaps they are hoping that any disruption in users behavior will be only temporary and that after that migration they can then move ahead faster. Or perhaps this is just part of the general changes that Microsoft is making to re focus their energy and staff. As shown by their recent large round of layoffs, the way they have been doing things hasnt been working and they need to change.