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Company Dominion Voting. In todays election market, Dominion Voting Systems sets itself apart with a commitment to customer service, convenience, and a superior use of technology to provide you with the best possible tools possible to meet your election challenges. Dominions history spans more than 1. Direct Recording lever machines in New York. Over the course of the last century, expertise and experience in the development and deployment of voting systems has grown Dominion leverages this history of innovation through its vast pool of election specialists. Partnering with and learning from top level suppliers and employees in the election automation industry, Dominion is taking part in the worlds most challenging and innovative democracy projects. Dominion is a results driven organization, focused on ensuring that customers like you are satisfied with how Dominions products and service team perform. The only acceptable relationship in this industry is that your success is our success. To achieve this overarching objective, Dominion harnesses technology for efficiency. With a strong history of innovation, an industry leading engineering group, and constant research, development and quality control, Dominions technological offering is unparalleled in the market today. We are not just an elections provider, we area partner. Our reputation relies on makingand keeping our customers satisfied. John Poulos. President CEO. John Poulos is the founding president and CEO of Dominion Voting. In this role, John leads the companys overall business strategy and operations with a mission to change elections for the better making them more efficient, secure, and accessible. Johns focus on customer partnerships and ongoing technical innovation grounded in a culture of transparency and accountability has formed the foundation of Dominions success. Under Johns leadership, Dominion Voting has grown into an industry leader in producing the highest quality, most innovative election solutions and delivering the very best in professional and support services. Since its inception in 2. Dominion has grown to support over 1,2. North America. Dominion has been named to Deloittes Fast 5. Technology Companies for five years, recognizing the companys success as one of the fastest growing technology, media, and telecommunications enterprises in the United States and Canada. John enjoys spending time soliciting and listening to feedback from customers, stakeholders and employees, and is happiest watching as that feedback comes to life in Dominions exciting and innovative service and products. John holds a Bachelor of Arts in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto, as well as a Master of Business Administration from INSEAD, Fontainebleau France. John was selected as one of Canadas Top 4. Ernst Youngs Entrepreneur of the Year Technology. JTFUaQ8v8eTYsb5kBZXY3ExLWBM%3D&ora=1%2CaFBCTXdkRmpGL2lvQUFBPQ%2CxAVta9Er0Vinkhwfjw8177yE41y87UNCVordEGXyD3u0qYrdf3TgfJbZe7WpuVgfeS0clAxhffKhRTi0D5G_KN_vK9gg38G0Io27dA4BYBI3iSdF_NQ8' alt='Imagecast Professional' title='Imagecast Professional' />John was also awarded the Queens Diamond Jubilee Award in 2. Ian Mac. Vicar. Executive Chairman Chief Financial Officer. Since joining Dominion Voting in 2. Ian has played a pivotal role in setting the direction for the company, with a particular focus on strategic partnerships that offer access to new markets, products, services and customers in Canada, the U. S. and internationally. As part of this role, Ian develops and expands key relationships to support the growth of the business. He focuses on ensuring success in each and every one of Dominion Votings customers, and contributes directly to the creation of innovative product and service packages so customers achieve their required voting systems needs within their respective budgets. Ians background includes extensive involvement in all aspects of corporate, investment and merchant banking. Ian was a founding partner of Castle. Hill Ventures, a Vice President of Mergers Acquisitions with a leading global investment bank, a corporate banker with a Canadian chartered bank, and an auditor with a big five accounting firm. Ian has served on the boards and various board committees of several private and public companies both in Canada and the United States. He currently serves as Director and previously chaired the Audit and Finance Committee of Prostate Cancer Canada. Ian is a Chartered Accountant, and graduated from Queens University with an Honors Bachelor of Commerce. In 2. 00. 6, he completed the Institute of Corporate Directors programs, and became a holder of its ICD. D designation. Nicole Nollette. Executive Vice President, Operations. Nicole Nollette is the Executive Vice President of Operations at Dominion Voting. In this role, Nicole is responsible for the planning and guidance of all operational activities and critical projects for Dominion Voting, including voting system implementations, account management, election support, training, and sales support. Nicole brings a wealth of functional and leadership experience, including navigating regulated industries with government customers, managing a highly distributed workforce, and leading teams in both an established and growth environments. Nicole joins us from the largest lottery and gaming company in the world, where she held the title of Vice President of International Operations and Strategic Initiatives. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Pc Download Free'>Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Pc Download Free. Managing over 5. 00 employees and 3. Nicole was successful in leading and developing teams working within a zero fault tolerance industry, in a market that has a high degree of political sensitivity and regulation. Our assets are our people, technology and reputation, and we work hard to maintain and enhance each. Our clients interests, and those of the citizens they serve. Dominion is more than just a trusted provider of elections. In todays election market, Dominion Voting Systems sets itself apart with a commitment to customer. Ghost an acronym for general hardwareoriented system transfer is a disk cloning and backup tool originally developed by Murray Haszard in 1995 for Binary Research. OVERVIEW To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Va. Imagecast Professional' title='Imagecast Professional' />No more missed important software updates UpdateStar 11 lets you stay up to date and secure with the software on your computer. Nicole holds a Bachelors of Science degree from the U. S. Naval Academy and a Masters degree in Business Administration from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Monica Marics. Executive Vice President, Engineering and Certification. As Executive Vice President for Engineering and Certification, Monica leads Dominions product development, engineering and certification teams. Monica brings nearly 3. Baeo%2Bl%2BBw2hvqSXxlT3FdBXiO8%3D&ora=1%2CaFBCTXdkRmpGL2lvQUFBPQ%2CxAVta9Er0Vinkhwfjw8177yE41y87UNCVordEGXyD3u0qYrdf367eceOeeOouV0ReHkclAYyefKgQzbpD8K8f9-9fNwgg8O0Jo27dA4BYBI3iSdF_NQ8' alt='Imagecast Professional' title='Imagecast Professional' />Imagecast ProfessionalMonica has worked with both start ups and very large established companies, managing local and offshore employees and vendors, and is passionate about meeting customer needs with on time delivery. She is a highly experienced and dynamic executive with extensive engineering and operations leadership, as well as product development, regulatory and marketing skills. With Dominion, she will work closely with the regulatory agencies such as the US Election Assistance Commission EAC and the National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST to ensure Dominions products meet current and future US requirements. She was Sr. Vice President of Engineering and VP Operations with West Corporation working in the emergency 9. FCC as Compliance Officer. PNG' alt='Imagecast Professional' title='Imagecast Professional' />Monica is an Industrial Engineer with a a Bachelors degree from the University of Michigan, a Masters degree from Virginia Tech, and business certification from Kellogg school of Management at Northwestern. She holds 9 US patents. Mike Frontera. Executive Vice President, General Counsel. Mike brings over 2. Dominions operations team, which supports and oversees voting system implementations, account management, election support, training and sales support. As General Counsel, Mike oversees legal affairs for Dominion, including contract activities, litigation, corporate transactions, compliance, intellectual property, employment law, and all other legal matters. Prior to joining the technology segment of the elections business, Mike began his career working in the public sector, including serving as the Election Director for the City and County of Denver. Ghost software Wikipedia. Ghost an acronym for general hardware oriented system transfer5 is a disk cloning and backup tool originally developed by Murray Haszard in 1. Binary Research. The technology was acquired in 1. Symantec. The backup and recovery functionality has been replaced by Symantec System Recovery SSR, although the Ghost imaging technology is still actively developed and is available as part of Symantec Ghost Solution Suite. HistoryeditBinary Research developed Ghost in Auckland, New Zealand. After the Symantec acquisition, a few functions such as translation into other languages were moved elsewhere, but the main development remained in Auckland until October 2. India. citation neededTechnologies developed by 2. Software were integrated into Ghost after their acquisition by Symantec in April 2. Power. QuesteditAt the end of 2. Symantec acquired its largest competitor in the disk cloning field,citation neededPower. Quest. On August 2, 2. Sample Xsd And Xml File. Norton Ghost 9. 0 was released as a new consumer version of Ghost, which is based on Power. Quests Drive Image version 7, and provides Live imaging of a Windows system. Ghost 9 continues to leverage the Power. Quest file format, meaning it is not backward compatible with previous versions of Ghost. However, a version of Ghost 8. Ghost 9 recovery disk to support existing Ghost customers. Ghost 3. 1editThe first versions of Ghost supports only the cloning of entire disks. However, version 3. Ghost could clone a disk or partition to another disk or partition or to an image file. Ghost allows for writing a clone or image to a second disk in the same machine, another machine linked by a parallel or network cable, a network drive, or to a tape drive. Ghost 4. 0 and 4. Version 4. 0 of Ghost added multicast technology, following the lead of a competitor, Image. Cast. Multicasting supports sending a single backup image simultaneously to other machines without putting greater stress on the network than by sending an image to a single machine. This version also introduced Ghost Explorer, a Windows program which supports browsing the contents of an image file and extract individual files from it. Explorer was subsequently enhanced to support to adding and deleting files in an image with FAT, and later with ext. NTFSfile systems. Until 2. 00. 7, Ghost Explorer could not edit NTFS images. Ghost Explorer could work with images from older versions but only slowly version 4 images contain indexes to find files rapidly. Version 4. 0 also moved from real mode. DOS to 2. 86protected mode. The additional memory available allows Ghost to provide several levels of compression for images, and to provide the file browser. In 1. 99. 8, Ghost 4. Ghost 5. 0editVersion 5. Unlike the text based user interface of earlier versions, 5. GUI. The Binary Research logo, two stars revolving around each other, plays on the main screen when the program is idle. In 1. 99. 8, Gdisk, a script based partition manager, was integrated in Ghost. Gdisk serves a role similar to Fdisk, but has greater capabilities. Ghost for Net. WareeditA Norton Ghost version for Novell Net. Ware called 2. 0, released around 1. NSS partitions although it runs in DOS, like the others. Ghost 6. 0 Ghost 2. Ghost 6. 0, released in 2. The console communicates with client software on managed computers and allows a system administrator to refresh the disk of a machine remotely. As a DOS based program, Ghost requires machines running Windows to reboot to DOS to run it. Ghost 6. 0 requires a separate DOS partition when used with the console. Ghost 7. 0 Ghost 2. Released March 3. Norton Ghost version 7. Norton Ghost 2. 00. Personal Edition. Ghost 7. 5editReleased December 1. Ghost 7. 5 creates a virtual partition, a DOS partition which actually exists as a file within a normal Windows file system. This significantly eased systems management because the user no longer had to set up their own partition tables. Ghost 7. 5 can write images to CD R discs. Later versions can write DVDs. Symantec Ghost 8. Ghost 8. 0 can run directly from Windows. It is well suited for placement on bootable media, such as Bart. PEs bootable CD. The corporate edition supports unicast, multicast and peer to peer transfers via TCPIP. Ghost 8. 0 supports NTFS file system, although NTFS is not accessible from a DOS program. Transition from DOSeditThe off line version of Ghost, which runs from bootable media in place of the installed operating system, originally faced a number of driver support difficulties due to limitations of the increasingly obsolete 1. DOS environment. Driver selection and configuration within DOS was non trivial from the beginning, and the limited space available on floppy disks made disk cloning of several different disk controllers a difficult task, where different SCSI, USB, and CD ROM drives were involved. Mouse support was possible but often left out due to the limited space for drivers on a floppy disk. Some devices such as USB often did not work using newer features such as USB 2. As widespread support for DOS went into decline, it became increasingly difficult to get hardware drivers for DOS for the newer hardware. Disk imaging competitors to Ghost have dealt with the decline of DOS by moving to other recovery environments such as Free. BSD, Linux or Windows PE, where they can draw on current driver development to be able to image newer models of disk controllers. Nevertheless, the DOS version of Ghost on compatible hardware configurations works much faster than most of the nix based image and backup toolscitation needed. Ghost 8 and later are Windows programs as such, they can run on Windows PE, Bart. PE or Hirens Boot. CD and use the same plug and play hardware drivers as a standard desktop computer, making hardware support for Ghost much simpler. Norton Ghost 2. 00. Norton Ghost 2. 00. Ghost, was released on September 6, 2. Available as an independent product, Norton Ghost 2. Norton System. Works 2. Professional. A simpler, non corporate version of Ghost, Norton Ghost 2. Windows front end to script Ghost operations and create a bootable Ghost diskette. The machine still needs to reboot to the virtual partition, but the user does not need to interact with DOS. Symantec deprecated Live. Update support for Norton Ghost 2. Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 1. Ghost 8. 2editReleased November 1. Symantec renamed the Enterprise version of Ghost to Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 1. This helped clarify the difference between the consumer and business editions of the product. This was further defined in February 2. Norton Save And Restore also known as Norton Backup And Restore, a standalone backup application based on Ghost 1. Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 1. Ghost 8. 3editGhost Solution Suite 1. Ghost, Symantec Client Migration a user data and settings migration tool and the former Power. Quest equivalent, Deploy. Center using PQI images. Ghost Solution Suite 1. December 2. 00. 5. It can create an image file that is larger than 2 GB. In Ghost 8. 2 or earlier, such image files are automatically split into two or more segments, so that each segment has a maximum size of 2 GB. Other new features include more comprehensive manufacturing tools, and the ability to create a universal boot disk. Norton Ghost 9. Ghost 2. Ghost 9. August 2, 2. It represents a significant shift in the consumer product line from Ghost 2. It uses a totally different code base, based on the Drive.