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In Search of Sunrise 6 Ibiza. In Search of Sunrise 6 Ibiza also known as ISOS 6 is the sixth album in the In Search of Sunrise series mixed by trance DJproducer Tisto, released on September 7, 2. Netherlands and October 1. United States as a double disc album. This information was confirmed on July 3. Tistos website. Many file sharing websites, earlier in 2. In Search of Sunrise 6, labeled In Search of Sunrise 6 London, which even included a CD cover. J4F7Jend3c/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Ibiza History Of Trance' title='Ibiza History Of Trance' />Ibiza Catalan Eivissa is an island in the Mediterranean Sea off the east coast of Spain. It is 150 kilometres 93 miles from the city of Valencia. Trance is my favorite type of electronic music because it is the most uplifting to me. Trance is able to break down tracks into deep emotional meditations that just. This was quickly noted as a fake as information of the CD had not been released via Tistos website nor the In Search of Sunrise series website. A special release party was held at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam on November 3, 2. Like previous In Search of Sunrise albums, this album contains a special slipcase. The album picture was taken by Stephanie Pistel. The compilation was awarded in the 2. WMC Awards in Miami, it won for Best Full Length DJ Mix CD. ProductioneditInspiration to produce this album came from returning to Ibiza after a two year stint in June 2. UPDATE Its taken five years but ive finally uploaded a HQ version of this mix on my soundcloud with a download link httpssoundcloud. In Search of Sunrise 6 Ibiza also known as ISOS 6 is the sixth album in the In Search of Sunrise series mixed by trance DJproducer Tisto, released on September. Ibiza History Of Trance' title='Ibiza History Of Trance' />This album was produced in 2. Tisto stated on his website. Tisto used CD mixers and did not use any programs or computer gadgets. Tisto also stated on his website on August 1. Most of the tracks are so exclusive that, if Id still be mixing with records, I wouldnt have been able to get those productions on vinyl2 On August 1. Tistos My. Space blog, a thirty second promotional video was released on You. Tube. Track listingedit1. La HaciendaEs Vedr2 2. ContactGlenn Morrison. Dont BelongAndy Duguid featuring Leah. Vice Sydenham DubSolaris Heights. MadrasGlobal Experience. Summerfish Scandall Sunset On Ibiza MixLeonid Rudenko. Tell MeClear View featuring Jessica. Searching For TruthThe Veil Kings. The Sunll Shine Sunrise MixOhmna. See The Difference Inside Inside MixMoonbeam. Easy Account Cod4 Pc. Somewhere Inside of MeAllure featuring Julie Thompson. High GlowTaxigirl. LonelyReeves featuring Alanah. Hide Seek Tistos In Search of Sunrise RemixImogen Heap. Total length 1 1. Note Allure featuring Julie Thompson Somewhere Inside of Me later on became known only as Somewhere Inside when it was released as a single. Note Glenn Morrison Contact is actually a collaboration between Glenn Morrison and Joel Zimmerman with Joel Zimmerman credited as a co writerproducer and Glenn Morrison as the Artist. A New DawnSteve Forte Rio. What You Need NCs In Love With Prog MixNic Chagall. Trozitos de Navidad Primavera RemixMarc Marzenit. Dont SpeakJohn Dahlbck. ArguruDeadmau. 55 1. FallingFirst State featuring Anita Kelsey. Fall To PiecesJonas Steur featuring Jennifer Rene. Imagination Tisto RemixJES6 1. Mercury RoomTom Cloud. Chase My RabbitMarcus Schossow. ReflectMaor Levi. Different Day, Different LightProgression. Dancing WaterJedidja. BreathingDAlt Vila. Total length 1 1. SamplerseditISOS6 Ibiza limited edition vinyl sampler cover. On August 1. 5 and 2. Beatport were released with four songs each. On August 2. 9, 2. Tisto released a limited edition vinyl sampler that included all 8 songs from the first two samplers, which was made available online, a third sampler was released in Netherlands as a CD. Andy Duguid featuring Leah Dont Belong8 2. Global Experience Madras7 5. The Veil Kings Searching For Truth6 2. Moonbeam See The Difference Inside Inside Mix7 4. Reeves featuring Alanah Lonely7 2. Deadmau. 5 Arguru7 1. Tom Cloud Mercury Room9 0. Jedidja Dancing Water1. Moonbeam See The Difference Inside Inside Mix7 4. Taxi Girl High Glow8 5. Reeves featuring Alanah Lonely7 1. Tom Cloud Mercury Room9 0. Marcus Schssow Chase My Rabbit8 4. Progression Different Day, Different Light6 2. Jedidja Dancing Water1. DAlt Vila Breathing2 0. Release historyeditCountry. Release Date. Netherlands. September 7, 2. 00. United States. October 1. ReferenceseditExternal linksedit. Top 2. 5 Trance Tracks of All Time. Trance is my favorite type of electronic music because it is the most uplifting to me. Trance is able to break down tracks into deep emotional meditations that just take you away into another world. Trance music is great for working, working out and for relaxation. These are my favorite trance tracks that I have heard throughout my life. Enjoy This list was originally going to be 1. I decided to extend it out to the top 2. Robert Miles Children Dream Version. I think everyone has heard this song and everyone knows that it is awesome. Rank 1 Airwave. This is such a great easy listening trance jam. As always Rank 1 has amazing string synths that bring you in emotionally. Cosmic Gate Exploration of Space Original mix. This one is a classic. I love, as most people do, the melody in the middle of the song where it breaks down. Its awesome. 2. 2. Heatbeat Vergatron Original Mix. This track is awesome for the hardcore part at 4 4. The first time I heard it I didnt even know what was going on. You have this organ sound mixed with a dreamy piano mixed with a crazy synth melody. Its one of the most unique mixes of instruments to me and everything fits together perfectly. My favorite from the Heatbeat duo. Susana ft Jorn van Deynhoven Never Mine. This is an underrated track that has one of the coolest parts ever in a song. The only problem with this track is that it is on the short side and all the longer remixes dont have this same sound. Alex M. O. R. P. H. Eternal Flame. This song has a beautiful piano with a great atmospheric vibe. Alex Morph always has some of the most emotional melodies. Ian Brown F. E. A. R. U. N. K. L. E. Remix. I first heard this track at the end of a popular James Lavelle mix and I was blown away. This song just builds and really moves you. Armin van Buuren presents Gaia Jai Envie De Toi. This guy just knows what hes doing. A solid release all around. Tiesto Elements of Life. This is standard Tiesto unique sounds, great beat, great melody, great atmosphere. This is just a solid track all around. Orjan Nilsen Legions Original Mix. What an awesome melody this song has. Orjan Nilsen is certainly no stranger to writing uplifting trance and this is no exception. This one always brings me up 1. Imphenzia Spirit Within You. I discovered Imphenzia while browsing around Youtube one day and fell in love with his sound. Most of his tracks are more psytrance where they have that oldschool feel from the late 1. I absolutely love. Rank 1 Symfo. Rank 1s use of strings is breathtaking. I love the way this song sounds like an orchestra mixed with electronic music. Great stuff. 1. 3. Paul Oakenfold Southern Sun Original Mix. This is my favorite Oakenfold song. The guy obviously knows a thing or two when it comes to electronic dance music. Armin Van Buuren Nova Zembla. This remix is just crazy. I love the whole progression of this song. I love the square sounds and I love drill sounds. And obviously the vocals and lead synth are amazing. M6 Opus Sectrum Original Mix. This is a fairly simple song that has such a great melody. This is one of those tracks that you can completely zone out to and just enter a different world. This track takes you away throughout the entirety of it. Dash Berlin Waiting. Dash Berlin is one of the best vocal trance artists there is. The vocals in this track are quite touching and uplifting. Tiesto Hes a pirate. If you want to talk films score remixes this is probably the best one ever. Tiesto took an already awesome film score and just made it a thousand times better. I dont know how he did it but he did. Andrew Rayel Aeon of Revenge. Andrew Rayel is a master with mixing piano with trance. I love the way this track progresses and then finally builds up into strong detuned synth leads. This one has great energy. Paul Van Dyk Let Go. Paul Van Dyk has always been a favorite of mine and this is my favorite track of his. I think Let Go, and this mix in particular, just has the right rhythm and feel. This whole track flows together really smooth and the overall melody and vocals are uplifting. Armin Van Buuren Mirage. What makes Mirage so appealing to me is the diversity of instruments being used. It starts off with nice atmospheric vocals and slowly builds to a trancey synth and then later climaxes with metal guitar and drums. Its awesome to see metal and trance incorporated together so well 5. Alex M. O. R. P. H. Windows Loader 2.3.1 Download here. Walk The Edge. Alex M. O. R. P. H. is a trance genius. I love the way this song has 3 main stages. It starts out and builds up to a nice pad with the main melody. It then breaks completely down into a super emotional string, vocal session. It then slowly works its way back into the crux of the song where you get the lead synth and full percussion. This song is brilliant Andrew Rayel 5. Senta Aether Mix. This is the first track I heard by Andrew Rayel and it is still my favorite of his. I think this is Andrew Rayel at his best. I love how the track uses the same melody throughout most of the song and shifts from synth to piano back to synth and then just builds up strong with the percussion. This track is great to work out to. Armin Van Buuren Tuvan Original Mix. I remember this track as being one of the most listened to tracks while I was writing my book a few years back. This track is just so uplifting and so powerful. Of all of Armin Van Buurens tracks this would have to be my favorite the melody and the energy is just amazing. I love the way it slowly builds and builds before finally taking off at 2 5. The way this melody transforms and takes you through an experience is just brilliant. Kelly Andrew Beyond The Stars Emotional Mix. This is one of the newer awesome trance songs I have discovered hence the number 2. I think it belongs here on the list. Kelly Andrew is a badass composer and one of the most talented artists there is. If you want to talk about uplifting and emotional trance this is it. This song takes you on a journey like no other. Close your eyes, buckle up and let this song take you beyond the starsHe is highly, highly underrated. He has many more awesome trance and film songs. Armin Van Buuren Embrace. I recently discovered this new track and had to add it to this list. This is an immediate classic and 1. Armin Van Buuren. It has his signature sound. This track actually reminds me a lot of a mix between Mirage and Tuvan. It makes great use of instruments not normally used in trace, like a Spanish sounding trumpet, perfectly working together with synths tell a story. This track, like so many of the best tracks, takes you on an actual journey through many different ups and down. The track builds up and then slows down and then builds up and slows down again. This is beautiful trance to me and it doesnt get better than this. Alex M. O. R. P. H. Sylvia Tosun An Angels Love Vocal Mix. I first heard this track on A State of Trances Top 2. The track was rated 2 for the year and when it hit the breakdown about 2 minutes in I was truly amazed. This is probably the most emotional trance track I have ever heard. The warm string synths, the angelic vocals, the exhilarating lead, this track is just filled with emotion. If youve never heard this song before buckle up and prepare to be taken on a journey. Tiesto Forever Today. Ever since first hearing this song I have been taken away by it. Magical, soothing, emotional, heroic are all adjectives to describe the journey this masterpiece takes you on.