Huawei U8950-1 Firmware

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HuaweiU89501FirmwareDownload All Huawei Firmware Stock Roms For All Models Here. News Listing. Keep up with the latest FuriousGold Modules and Remote unlock services updates. Do not miss anymore a good oportunity to unlock more phones and increase. Download Huawei software updates official and custom. Download Huawei firmware update. Download Huawei driver. Download Huawei flash files, flash tool, stock. Huawei U8950-1 Firmware' title='Huawei U8950-1 Firmware' />Huawei U8950-1 FirmwareList of 3. Android Device Codenames. All Android devices have a codename. You must have seen them listed in some custom ROM, TWRP recovery and CF Auto Root archives. Ever wanted to know whats the codename of the device you own Below, we have listed thousands of Android phones and tablets from all major manufacturers for the sake of easy reference. The code names have been taken from the Google Play Developer Console. All devices names listed below have been arranged alphabetically. Police Siren Wav. Manufacturer. Device Name. Codename. Acer. A1 7. A1 8. 11mango. A1 8. A1. 10a. 11. 0A2. A2. 11picassoe. 2A3 A1. A3 A2. 0FHDacerharleyfhd. A5. 10picassom. A7. Acer E3. 20 orange. C6. Aspire A3aa. 3 6. AT3. 90. T2. B1 7. B1 7. 10. B1 7. B1 7. B1 7. B1 7. 21b. 1 7. B1 7. 30vespatn. B1 A7. B1 A7. 1Cloud. Mobile S5. DA2. HQLDA2. 20. HQLDA2. HQLda. 1DA2. 22. HQLda. DA2. 22. HQLAda. 22. DA2. 23. HQLda. 3DA2. HLDA2. 41. HLDA2. HQLda. 24. 5hql. E1. K2. E1. 30. K3. E1. E2. 10k. 5E3. 10c. E3. 10. C4. RE3. 30. C7. E3. 50. C8. E3. C8n. G1 7. 15. G1 7. G1. 00. Wmaya. Icona One 7vespa. Iconia One 7. G1 7. Iconia One 7vespa. Iconia One 8vespa. Iconia Tab 1. 0acerharley. Iconia Tab 7acerapriliahd. Iconia Tab 8ducati. Iconia Tab 8ducati. Iconia Tab 8ducati. Iconia Tab A1. 00 Van. Goghvangogh. Iconia Talk. Tab 7acera. 17. Liquida. Liquid C1. I1. Liquid E2. C1. Liquid E3acere. Liquid E3acere. Liquid E6. Liquid E7. 00acere. Liquid JadeacerS5. Liquid Jade SacerS5. Liquid Metala. 4Liquid S2a. Liquid X1s. 3Liquid Z2. Liquid Z2. 05acerz. Liquid Z2. 05acerz. Liquid Z3acerZXRLiquid Z3. ZXLiquid Z4acerZ6. Liquid Z4. 10acerz. Liquid Z5acerZXLLiquid Z5. Z5. 00. Liquid Z5. Picassopicasso. Picassoventana. S3. 00a. 5Streama. TA2. 72. HULta. 2Tab 7td. TD6. 00. T6. 03. TV3. C1. 0Z1. 10. Z1. Z1. Z2. Anydata. Aquaris I8bqAquaris. ASP3. 20. QANDi. ASP3. QGSMAuchan MID7. CP Tablet. MID7. 31. CPCarrefour CT7. M7. 55. NDCarrefour CT7. Emdoor EM6. 3 Tablet. EM6. 3Coby MID1. 06. MID1. 06. 5COBY MID7. MID7. 05. 5Coby MID7. MID7. 06. 5Coby MID8. MID8. 06. 5D2 7. GD2 7. GD2 7. GD2 7. 27. Digix TAB 8. GTAB 8. GDOPO GMS 7. Tablet Discovery. DT0. 88. DOTPAD DP3. D8 Gadmei. E8 3. Dematic EGP0. EGP0. 08ematic EGP0. EGP0. 10ematic EGS0. EGS0. 04ematic EGS1. EGS1. 02essentielb ST8. FT8. 00. 1 Tablet. M8. 05. NDEviant MT8. PDM8. 29. MDGrundig GR TB1. S Tablet. GR TB1. SHCL ME TABLET PC U2. M7. 12. MCHKC P7. AP7. 71. AWIFIHKC P7. AP7. 74. AHKC P7. AP7. 76. AHKC P7. AHKCP7. 78. AHKC P8. AP8. 86. AHS7. DTB1. HS7. DTB1. 4i. Craig CMP7. CMP7. 48i. Craig CMP7. CMP7. 49. Insignia NS 1. T0. 01 Tabletoracle. Jiateng JT1. 24. 1JT1. Lazer MD7. 30. 5 Tablet AMTCMD7. Leader I1. 0A LEI1. A LELe. Pan. IILe. Pan. IIwifi. MachSpeed Trio G2 Tablet. TrioStealthG2. Marquis Tabletmarquistablet. Monster M7 Tablet. MONSTERM7. Nextbook Next. D1. 2 Tablet. M7. NDNextbook Next. 7P1. M7. 27. MCNextbook NX0. HD Tablet. M7. 00. NDNextbook NX0. 08. HD8. G Tablet. M8. NDNextbook NX0. 08. HI Tablet Carrefour CT8. M9. 09. NPPendo PNDPP4. GPPNDPP4. 8GPPhilips W3. Crane. Philips W5. PhilipsWG MANTO RUBPhilips W6. Philips W6. 32robot. Philips W8. 32. PhilipsWG ROVER RUAPrestigio PMT5. CPMT5. 87. 7CPrestigio PMT7. C3. GPMT7. 28. 7C3. GPrestigio PSP5. 30. DUOPSP5. 30. 7DUOProscan PLT7. GPLT7. 22. 3GProscan PLT7. AMLMID7. 10. KProscan PLT8. GPLT8. 22. 3GPSP5. DUOMT6. 58. 9PSP5. DUOMT6. 57. 2RCA RCT6. W2. AMLEM6. 2Tec. Toy TT 2. 50. 0AML7. NDVisual Land Prestige 7. DPRO7. DVivitar Camelio Tablet. PI0. 70. H0. 4CAVivitar XO Tablet. PI0. 70. H0. 8XOZeki TBDG7. TBDG7. 73. Arcadyan TVBbox Miami. HMB4. 21. 3HArchos. Childpad. A1. 01. CHP1. 01 Cobalt. AC1. CO1. 01 G9. A1. 01. Neon. A1. 01. NE1. Platinum. A1. 01. PL1. 01 Titanium. A1. 01. TI1. 01 Xenona. XSA1. 01. XS1. 01b XS2ac. XS2. AC1. 01. XS2. Titaniuma. 40ti. 40b Titaniuma. Helium 4. Ga. 45he. Titaniuma. 45ti. 45c Platinumac. Helium 4. Ga. 50he. Neona. 50ne. 50 Oxygena. Titaniuma. 50ti. 50b Platinumac. Oxygena. 50cox. 53 Titaniuma. Cobalt. AC7. 0CO7. Neonac. 70ne. 70 Titanium. A7. 0TI7. 0 Xenona. Titanium. A7. 0BTI7. Neona. 79ne. 79 Platinium. AC7. 9PL7. 9 Xenona. Carbon. AC8. 0CA8. Childpad. A8. 0CHP8. Cobalt. A8. 0CO8. G9. A8. 08. 0 Platinum. A8. 0PL8. 0 Titanium. A8. 0TI8. 0 Xenon. A8. 0XE8. 0 XSA8. XSK8. 0b Platinum. A8. 0BPL9. 0 Neona. Neonac. 90bne. 97 Carbon. A9. 7C9. 7 Cobalt. AC9. 7CO9. 7 Platinum. A9. 7PL9. 7 Titanium HDA9. TIHD9. 7 Xenon. A9. XE9. 7b Platinum. AC9. 7BPL9. 7b Titanium. A9. 7BTIArchos 1. Copperac. 10. 1cv. Archos 1. 01 Internet Tablet. A1. 01. SARCHOS 1. Oxygenac. 10. 1ox. Archos 1. 01 Xenonac. Archos 1. 01b Neonac. Archos 1. 01b Platinumac. Archos 1. 01c Neonac. ARCHOS 3. 5b Titaniumac. Archos 4. 0c Titaniumac. Archos 4. 5 Neonac. Archos 4. 5b Heliumac. ARCHOS 5. 0c Heliumac. Archos 5. 9 Titaniumac. Archos 6. 4 Xenonac. Archos 7. 0 Copperac. Archos 7. 0b Cobalta. Archos 7. 0b Xenonac. Archos 7. 0c Cobaltac. Archos 7. 0it 2. A7. Archos 7. 9 Cobaltac. Archos 8. 0 Heliumac. Archos 8. 0b xenonac. ARCHOS 8. 0G9. A8. SARCHOS 9. 0 Copperac. Archos Arc. Booka. Auchan Qilive 4. 0ql. Auchan Qi. Live 4. Auchan Qi. Live 5. Auchan Qilive. 8Qi. Live. 8Auchan Qilive. QCQi. Live. 8QCAuchan Qilive. Qi. Live. 97. Auchan Qilive. RQi. Live. 97. RAuchan Selecline 1. SELECLINE1. 0Bush 4 Android Phoneac. Bush 5 Android Phoneac. Bush 7. 0 My. Tabletac. Bush 8. 0 My. Tabletac. Bush Mytablet 2a. Bush My. Tablet 7ac. Chef. Pad. A9. 7CFPFamily. Pad 2. A1. 33. FP2. Game. Pad. A7. 0GPGame. Pad 2. A7. 0GP2. Home. Smartphone d. 80. Hudl HT7. S3ht. 7s. Kuno. KUNO4. KUNO 4kuno. My Tablet 1. 01ac. My. Tablet 7. 9ac. Qi. Live 1. 01aqilive. Qilive 5. 3msm. 86. Qilive 7qilive. 7Qilive 9. R2qilive. 97r. 2Qilive. Qilive. 79. Qilive. V2ql. 70v. 2Quechua Phone 5. A5. 0RG1. 1Quechua Tablet 8. A8. 0RG1. 1Smart Home Tablethometablet. Smartphone 5 Q. 4. TV Connect. LUDOAsus. ASUS ETBW1. 1AAETBW1. AAASUS Fonepad 7. K0. 1FASUS Fonepad 7 LTEK0. YASUS Fonepad 8. K0. ASUS Fonepad 8. K0. ASUS Fonepad 8. K0. ASUS Fonepad 8FE3. CGK0. 161. ASUS Fonepad ME3. MGME3. 71. MGAsus Fonepad Note 6. K0. 0GAsus Me. Mo Pad 7. K0. 122. ASUS Me. MO Pad 7 ME5. 72. CLK0. 0RASUS Me. MO Pad FHD 1. ME3. KLASUS Me. Mo Pad ME3. CME3. 02. CASUS Me. MO Pad Smart 1. 0ME3. TAsus Pad TF3. 03. CLK0. 14. ASUS Transformer Ai. O P1. 80. 1P1. 80. TASUS Transformer Ai. O P1. 80. 2P1. 80. Linux Mp3 Codec. TASUS Transformer Book Trio. TX2. 01. LAASUS Transformer Pad. K0. 101. ASUS Transformer Pad. K0. 10. Asus Transformer Pad. K0. 18. ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity. TF7. 00. KLASUS Transformer Pad TF3. TTF3. 00. TASUS Transformer Pad TF3. TGTF3. 00. TGASUS Transformer Pad TF3. TLTF3. 00. TLASUS Transformer Pad TF5. TTF5. 02. TASUS Transformer Pad TF6. TTF6. 00. TASUS Zen. Watchanthias. Eee Pad. Eee. Pad. Eee Pad Slider. SL1. 01. Eee Pad TF1. TF1. 01. Eee Pad TF1. Wi. MAXTF1. 01 Wi. MAXEee Pad Transformer Prime. TF2. 01. Fonepad 7. K0. 1N2. Fonepad 7. K0. 0ZFonepad 7. K0. N1. Fonepad 7. K0. Fonepad 7 FE3. 75. CGK0. 191. Fonepad 7 FE3. CXGK0. 194. Fonepad 7 FE3. CXGK0. 193. Fonepad 7 LTEK0. QFonepad 7FE3. 75. CXGK0. 192. Fonepad HD7. K0. 0EGarmin Asus A1. K0. 0FK0. 0FK0. 0LK0. LME1. 71. EP7. 1ME1. XME1. 73. XMe. MO PADme. Me. MO Pad 7. K0. CMemo Pad 7. K0. 1U1. Memo Pad 7. K0. 1U2. Me. MO Pad 7. K0. AMe. MO Pad 7. K0. Me. MO Pad 7. K0. Me. MO Pad 7. K0. Me. MO Pad 7 LTEK0. XMe. MO Pad 7 ME5. CK0. 07. Me. MO Pad 8. K0. 11. Me. MO Pad 8. K0. 111. Me. MO pad 8 ME5. CK0. 1HMe. MO pad 8 ME5. CLK0. 15. Me. Mo Pad HD 7. K0. 0UMemo Pad HD7 Dual SIMASUS K0. SMe. MO Pad ME1. 03. KK0. 1E2. Me. MO Pad ME1. KK0. 1E1. Nuvifonea. Pad. Fone. Pad. Fone. Pad. Fone 2. A6. 8Pad. Fone EASUS T0. 08. Pad. Fone Infinity Lite. ASUS A8. 0Pad. Fone mini.