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FrutigerBoldFontFrutiger Bold FontFonts Logo Yamaha Logo Font. What font does Yamaha use The closest font you can get for the Yamaha logo is Jay Gothic URW T Extra Bold font. Frutiger Bold Font' title='Frutiger Bold Font' />In 196164, Frutiger created with Andr Grtler a sansserif font named Concorde for news use in regular and bold styles for Parisian printing company Sofratype. Since listing all of the typefaces used at Walt Disney World would be impossible, and a huge waste of time, heres a list of just the few that Ive noticed, and. Free Fonts search and download. OpenType, TrueType and PostScript Type 1 fonts from Adobe, Linotype, Monotype. The population is rapidly aging and becoming a larger share of the marketplace. The demands of the aging eye require typefaces that function well under lowvision. LinotypeUniversUltraLight.gif' alt='Frutiger Bold Font' title='Frutiger Bold Font' />Jay Gothic URW T Extra Bold font. About fonts Publisher URWFree alternative fonts for Yamaha logo The closest free font you can get is Slim. Sans. Serif Bold Font. Yamaha logo. About free fonts Fonts by Manfred Klein. Frutiger_Com_77_Black_Condensed.gif' alt='Frutiger Bold Font' title='Frutiger Bold Font' />Note When youve chosen your font and are ready to print your business cards, you should keep in mind that Vistaprint offers the best value, whereas Moo provides. Good job on the Marine font but what about the font that they use in their logo Im wanting to cut this out of a piece of metal. Delphian Centaur, Galliard Desdemona Korinna, Benguiat, Perpetua, Lapidary 333 Edda, Eckmann Korinna, Benguiat, Perpetual, Lapidary 333 Elephant. Lat Gumi.