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Black Ops Cheats Codes for Play. Station 3 PS3Hints. Best Zombie Gun. Play zombies kino der toten keep your M1. Unlockables In Multiplayer. Level 4 Create A Class. Cheat Codes For Cod Black Ops Ps3 Online' title='Cheat Codes For Cod Black Ops Ps3 Online' />Level 5 Contracts. Level 6 Clan Tag. Level 8 Game Mode Challenges. Level 1. 0 Killstreaks, Killstreak Challenges, Playercard Emblems. Jl5ec-Kk/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Cheat Codes For Cod Black Ops Ps3 Online' title='Cheat Codes For Cod Black Ops Ps3 Online' />Level 1. Combat Record. Level 1. Medal Challenges. Level 1. 6 Gun Emblems. Level 1. 9 Gun Tag. Level 2. 0 Elite Challenges. Level 2. 2 Camo. Level 2. Custom Reticules. Level 2. 8 Custom Lenses. Level 3. 0 Final Challenges. Level 3. 1 Facepaint. Level 5. 0 Prestige Mode. Prestige 1 Prestige Leaderboard, Custom Class 6. Prestige 3 Custom Class 7. Prestige 5 Custom Class 8. Prestige 7 Custom Class 9. Prestige 9 Custom Class 1. Prestige 1. 1 Face Tattoos. Prestige 1. 3 Clan Tag Colors. Prestige 1. 4 Golden Camo. Prestige 1. 5 Prestige Playlists. Bus On Nuketown. When playing on Nuketown if you look on the bus while beginning or not getting shot at look at the bus it has Treyarch district or something like that. Lego Black Ops Video FunFiring Range Never Get Shot In COMBAT TRAININGAt firing range in Combat training, If you are wanting to not get shot then go anywhere where there is a jeep and get in it and duck but make sure you can shoot. So all the opponentsCPU will just stand there and look at you and wont shoot you You can only shoot them. Thunder Gun In Campaign NumbersAfter you interogate the guy, throw 2 grenades then look for a little cpu room, find a cosete player, then hold the action button. Continue through the level until you get to the room behind the fridge. Look to your left and you will see another cosete player. Hold action button again. Weird noises will apear then wait and the thunder gun will appearjump on the crates and hold action button. PC Cheats Doom 3 This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Doom 3 for PC. If youve discovered a cheat youd. Heres how to unlock all Call of Duty Black Ops 3 codes and cheats. All Call of Duty Black Ops 3 cheat codes work for the PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 Xbox One. SQUARE. Kino Der Toten Theater Of The DamnedRound 1 Shoot 4 times then, STAB Round 2 Shoot 6 times then, STAB Round 3 Shoot 8 times then, STTTAABBBB Twice. Round 4 Open the top door, by now you should have appox. Round 5 open the next door and buy the Stakeout. Round 6 or 7 dog round, maybe, with the Stakeout it shouldnt be a prob. Just remembered, buy Quick Revive Round 8 buy the next door and immediatly turn on the power. Link the teleporter to the lobby. Round 9 until the Thunder Gun Use the box until. Thunder gun and decent backup appear. Round 1. 0 If you havent already done so, buy Juggernog. Round 1. 1 run in circles with the TG around the turret until a mob forms. Then BLOW EM AWAY Also try to get Speed Cola. Gun Shelf. On payback when you kill everbody then take a left then you will find a hole then go in it and then you will find alot of guns. You will need to duck down. No Dog Trick. In the theater of kino der toten by the stairs there are three pieces of wood duck and be at the tip of the wood then the dogs will not attack you they will see you but it will stand in a place near you to kill them and not get attacked. Hole In The Fence. In the level ware the bus and the houses are in multiplayer mode by one of the houses is a hole in the fence if you pick the RC car for the thing if you get so meany kills then go into RC mode and go through the hole and their is a mini track back their. Gateway To Hell Sign On The Firing Range. On the multiplayer map Firing range there is a sign that says gateway to hell. To find this sign you need to find the trailer with the multiple tv moniters with fuzzy screens. There is a door right behind them. Go out that door and follow the wall to the left right behind the door. You will walk into a fence. Look strait out from the fence then look a little left. The beggining of the sign says GATEWAY TO HELL. You are now entering quarintine area. Very Good Stradegy For Zombies. In zombies on Kino. Der. Toten I would recommend you to open the downstairs room and go outside also buy the AK7. Save up open the fence door and open the door again turn on power around level 7, 8, or 9 and if box is in the MP4. Dressing room or the top room, DONT OPEN THEM Try Upgrading the M1. And AK7. 4u it is a really good combination. I did this I got up to round 3. If you get the thundergun try to make a mob of zombies Hope this helped. On Top Of The White Bus On Cracked. Next to the bus you will see a normal building and the other side you will see a building destroyed. Go to the building that is destroyed on the second floor. Try to jump on the powder bags that are stacked and jump on top of the bus. Guns You Can Blow The Rocket Up With. In the zombie map Ascension you can blow the rocket up in launch. This is very helpful when doing the Easter egg. These are the guns you can blow it up with. Ray Gun, crossbow, M7. LAW, China Lake. Although the M7. LAW and China Lake might be difficult, the crossbow and ray gun are the best. With them you have to shoot the middle or the engines in the bottom. Bus Driver. In nuketown shoot the bus driver maneqin untin arms and head detached. Go prone, the drives arm should stick out the bottom of the bus 5. A Way To Get Out Of The Map On Kino And Five. In Kino you have to go the alley way, and after you buy the fence go up the stairs, go to the barrier closest to the next door. Jump on the bottom board and crouch down and wait for a zombie to come. When it pulls it out hurry up and press pause and triangle at the same time and you should be out. At five you have to jump on one of the boards on any of the barriers in the first and do the same thing and you are out. CANNOT BE HOST OR SPLITSCREEN. In Kino you can jump to the rock right beside the place where pac a punch is and stand there and have the people go by juggernog and stand on the wall and the zombies will not attack. Another Way To Disarm A Claymore. First you need to see it then you need to shoot it. Good Camping Spot On Nuketown. Go in one of the houses and go in the corner in one house its behind desk in other its besidethe crouch were you can barely see over desk, aim between doors to downstairs, and to porch, when they come in and stop shoot them usually they wount see you but when they do there still suprised and have to aim at your head by the time they do so it will 91. Some time they run past you to the window so be ready to turn and shoot. Tell me how this works out for you and what your kd was when you used it please. The Metal Bears. Gather all of your freinds in the new zombies map ascension. There are two bears in the beginning room and the other one is where the sickle is making a crawler or a short zombie. Go find the two in those rooms hold square on ps. In the room with the sickle, face the sickle and turn around. Now go the left and look at the top of the wall look the opposite way, away from the sickle during the procces and theres the bear. Hold square and your guy will say I hear music awsome or at least somthing like that. Dont Put Your Gunship To Waste. Use the Left Analog Stick to move the Mi 2. Hind aka Gunship around the map. Yes, you can actually fly anywhere on the map and slightly out of bounds in order to reach those enemies hiding behind a building. You may also attempt to destroy any Care Package delivery helicopters as well. Clark Parts Pro Keygen there. The only major threats to your Gunship provided you are actually moving around are SAM Turrets, Strela 3 launchers, and M 7. LAW launchers. Listen for lock on tones and immediately begin evasive maneuvers once you hear them. Use your Rockets L1 Button to shoot into building openings such as doors and windows to hopefully kill or damage anyone inside.