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DjnSe3cA118/0.jpg' alt='Avira Internet Security 2013 Full License Key' title='Avira Internet Security 2013 Full License Key' />Avira Internet Security 2013 Full License KeySorry, page not found Please enable cookies and refresh the page. Qihoo 360 Chinese 360 pinyin Qh Snlilng approximate pronunciation CHEEhoo, full name Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd., is a Chinese internet. Download Avira Free Antivirus 2018 and get awardwinning PC protection, including nextgen security against ransomware and other threats. Download for free. Norton Internet Security is a consistent winner, and the 2013 edition is no exception. With its collection of topnotch components Norton remains an Editors Choice. Bitdefender Internet Security aces independent antivirus tests and packs an amazing collection of features. With new webcam protection and enhanced. Mc. Afee Internet Security Review Rating. Mc. Afee packs such a boatload of features into its standalone antivirus product, you might think theres not much left to distinguish its security suite. Indeed, while the added features in Mc. Afee Internet Security are welcome additions, they dont add value for everyone. Password management is a universal need, but not every user requires parental control, or spam filtering. And these components havent significantly grown or evolved since last year. Unless this combination of components perfectly fits your needs, youre better off sticking with Mc. Afee Anti. Virus Plus. Ing Strategy Games. Similar Products. Avira Internet Security 2013 Full License Key' title='Avira Internet Security 2013 Full License Key' />All of the products in Mc. Afees security lineup include protection for every Windows, Android, mac. OS, and i. OS device in your household. Thats a lot of protection for 8. LY5Y1XM8/TmW0F0MgJQI/AAAAAAAAAJQ/dQO4te0pE4M/s1600/Avira-Premium-Security-Suite-10.jpg' alt='Avira Internet Security 2013 Full License Key' title='Avira Internet Security 2013 Full License Key' />Avira Internet Security 2013 Full License KeyBitdefender Internet Security and Kaspersky give you five licenses for that price, and Norton lets you have 1. Even if you dont use more than 1. Earlier this year Mc. Afees designers abandoned the blocky old user interface for a completely new look, in shades of white, gray, and pale blue. The new interface is entirely HTML based, making it very flexible. A menu across the top lets you select pages for Home, PC Security, Identity, Privacy, and Account. The True Key password manager shows up on the Home and Identity pages. Antispam also appears on the Identity page, and parental control comes under Privacy. Other than that, it looks the same as the standalone antivirus. Shared Antivirus Features. Every feature jammed into Mc. Afee Anti. Virus Plus also comes as part of Mc. Afee Internet Security, naturally. Please read my lengthy review of the antivirus for full details on those shared features. I will simply summarize my findings here. Lab Test Results Chart. Malware Protection Results Chart. Clark Parts Pro Keygen'>Clark Parts Pro Keygen. Phishing Protection Results Chart. Three of the four independent antivirus testing labs I follow include Mc. Afee in their testing. Its scores cover a wide range, from total failure in a test that many products fail to average to top notch. Its aggregate score, 7. Bitdefender and Kaspersky Internet Security, tested by all four labs, earned 9. Mc. Afee took excellent scores in all of my hands on tests, however. Its 9. 5 point score for malware blocking is the best among regular antivirus products tested using my current sample set. Tested using my previous set of samples, Webroot Secure. Anywhere Internet Security Plus and Comodo managed a perfect 1. I also test how well each product handles malware downloads from the web, using a fresh daily collection of malicious URLs. I give equal credit for steering the browser away from a dangerous site and for eliminating the malware during download. Few products have done better than Mc. Afees 9. 4 percent protection. Trend Micro Internet Security and Avira eked out 9. Norton is at the top with 9. My phishing protection test puts each product up against long time antiphishing champ Symantec Norton Security Premium, using the very newest fraudulent URLs. Few products can beat Norton. Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Iso'>Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Iso. A surprising number cant even beat the protection built into Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Mc. Afee tied Norton and whomped the browsersit did very well. Other Shared Features. As noted, Mc. Afee packs a heap of features into the standalone antivirus, features that many other vendors would reserve for a full security suite. Ill briefly list them here, but for a full understanding, you should read my review of the antivirus. The firewall component both protects against outside attack and keeps programs from misusing your network connection. By default, it handles program control internally, which is much better than entrusting that task to the untutored user. For texting, I enabled its Intrusion Protection module and attacked the test system using vulnerabilities generated by the CORE Impact penetration tool. The attacks didnt penetrate the fully patched test system, but Mc. Afees firewall didnt actively defend against them. It mostly stood up to my direct attack test, though I managed to disable half of its Windows services. A vulnerability scanner seeks out missing security patches for Windows and popular programs and, when possible, automates the update process. You can use the Shredder to securely delete sensitive files beyond the possibility of forensic recovery. And the Quick. Clean tool eliminates junk files and traces of your browsing and computer usage history. On the My Network page, you can view all devices on the network. The list flags devices that have Mc. Afee protection, and you can set up a trust relationship between Windows installations that allows you to remotely check security status and adjust configuration. The Protect more devices feature, accessed from the Home page, lets you send an email or text with a link to install protection on any Windows, Mac, i. OS, or Android device you own. Theres also an option to find all devices on your network that dont have Mc. Afee protection. In testing, I didnt manage to see that feature in action, but its not all that necessary. Just email yourself the installation link, and open the email on each device. Protection for non Windows devices is the same whether youre subscribed for the antivirus or the full suite. On a Mac, it installs Mc. Afee Anti. Virus Plus for Mac. This simple antivirus currently lacks protection against malicious and fraudulent URLs due to a Safari update back in March its not clear when that will be fixed. The Android edition is a full featured security suite, with antivirus, antitheft, call and text blocking, and more. Those using i. OS dont get as muchsecure storage for photos, backup for contacts, and the ability to locate a lost device. If you had to pay for each license, installing on i. OS would be a waste. With no limit on devices, however, you might as well do so. See How We Test Security Software. Poor Parental Control. Mc. Afees parental control component hasnt improved since my last review. In some ways, it has gotten worse. My theory is that all development efforts moved to the newly revamped Mc. Afee Family Safety. Ill review that product when time permits. According to my contacts at the company, there are no plans to replace the suites parental control with Family Safety, which is too bad. Parental control isnt part of the default installation, which makes sense, given that nonparents dont need it, and some parents dont want it. The first time you try to use it, you go through a simple install process and set a configuration password, so the kids cant turn it off. When you go to configure protection, youll find that its quite limited. For each childs Windows account, you can choose content categories for blocking and set a schedule for Internet use. You can also view a report of activity for each child or all children. As with previous versions, setting up parental control for a childs account that has Administrator privileges triggers a big warning. And yet, many parents do give older children Administrator accounts, to avoid constantly having to jump and supply an admin password any time the child wants to install a new game. Most other parental control systems dont have this limitation. To configure the content filter, you first choose one of five age ranges. Doing so pre configures which of the 2. Rather than the usual list with checkboxes, Mc.