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Display Smartform PDF in SAPUI5. Introduction Many times I saw questions on requirement to display smartform in SAPUI5. Pathfinder Character Sheet now available such as Fillable, EditablePrintable, auto calculating and animal companion. The best source to get Pathfinder character sheet pdf. Please see the last section Improved and Recommended approach to Display PDF. This approach is based on SAP GW Media streaming solution and is very easy to implement. Are manholehandhole installations planned in the public way Yes see instructions after submitting this form No. Citation Machine helps students and professionals properly credit the information that they use. Cite sources in APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and Harvard for free. SCIgen is a program that generates random Computer Science research papers, including graphs, figures, and citations. It uses a handwritten contextfree grammar to. Below are few threads on same requirement, How to call smart from in sapui. Print Forms in SAP UI5. Open PDF retrieved via odata service in SAPUI5. Adobe form and SAPUI5. Showing pdf in sapui. Hence I thought to write blog on this subject and put focus on step by step procedure to display smartform in SAPUI5. I assume that many of us will be interested to know how to get the smartform pdf content on SAPUI5 by exposing the backend data in the form of Gateway OData service. Auto Generate Number In Pdf Form' title='Auto Generate Number In Pdf Form' />Auto Generate Number In Pdf FormLet me explain all these details by taking simple example of standard smartform SFEXAMPLE0. Smart Forms Training Example 3. Our objective will be to display the output of smartform SFEXAMPLE0. SAPUI5 application in the form of PDF. We will have customer number as the input field and will get the flight details invoice as an PDF output. List of Chromium Command Line Switches. There are lots of command lines which can be used with the Google Chrome browser. Some change behavior of features, others are. W2 software to print W2 forms and efile w2 forms in tax year 2017 2018. Use this W 2 preparation software to report W2, W3, 10 forms. Download FREE W2. The Center for Crop Diversification is a Specialty Cropsfocused Cooperative Extension organization based out of the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture. View and Download YOKOGAWA GX20 user manual online. SmartDac Plus Paperless Recorder. GX20 Recording Equipment pdf manual download. We will use iframe as container to display the PDF. Procedure Very first, we will develop function module ZTESTPDFDISPLAY which will take customer  number as input and will export URL pointing to PDF. You can get the logic of function module at sapui. ZTESTPDFDISPLAY at master Cm. Imsapui. 5 displaysmartformpdf Git. Quickbooks 2016 License And Product Number Blog on this page. Hub. P. S. Inside FM, I used the logic from thread Mime logo not displaying to build temporary URL for PDF. Now we will develop GW service which will help us to expose this data. Lets create simple GW service ZTESTPDF as displayed below. We will have entity as pdf and entity set as pdfset. ZCLZTESTPDFDPCEXT. Now Redefine method PDFSETGETENTITY and put below code. You can also get below code at sapui. PDFSETGETENTITY at master Cm. Imsapui. 5 displaysmartformpdf Git. Hub. ltkeys     TYPE iwbeptmgwtechpairs. TYPE iwbepsmgwtechpair. TYPE scustomer. lvurl      TYPE string. READ TABLE ltkeys WITH KEY name CUSTOMER INTO lskey. CALL FUNCTION ZTESTPDFDISPLAY. VtSWP.png' alt='Auto Generate Number In Pdf Form' title='Auto Generate Number In Pdf Form' />Now register your GW service and Thats it We are now ready to test our GW service. Just query with customer number and you should be able to get the output as highlighted below. At this point, we are done with backend logic and GW service development. Now we will develop SAPUI5 application which will consume this service. Create SAPUI5 project and put code in index. MVC pattern as best practice. You will get source code of index. Cm. Imsapui. 5 displaysmartformpdf Git. Hub. End Result Now deploy your application to SAP ABAP server and run the application. SCUSTOM and click on Display PDF button. You will see below result on screen. Here, we are displaying invoice details of customer number 3 in the form of smartform pdf. Closing Remarks With the simple technique of creating temporary URL for the PDF and then exposing that URL through GW service, we are building SAPUI5 application to consume GW service. We are then setting src property of an iframe with this URL and setting this content to HTML UI element. I hope with this simple way, you can display any backend smartform in SAPUI5 application I will request you to put the comment on this blog. Please feel free to put your commentssuggestions and any other way to display smartform in sapui. Happy Learning and Coding Improved and Recommended approach to Display PDF Added on 3. June 2. 01. 4Using OData Media indicator, we can easily download any files in SAP Gateway. This is very well explained in this blog How To Upload and Download Files Using SAP NW Gateway SP0. Jan Thomas Nygaard. I will use similar approach for our current functionality and below are the steps involved into it. You need to mark the entity type pdf as Media enabled as displayed in below snap. Need to take property Mime. Type of type string. This will be used to set the mime type of the file to be downloaded. You can refer Supported MIME Types   ABAP Workbench Tools SAP Library for more information. Now we need to redefine DEFINE Method of class ZCLZTESTPDFMPCEXT as below,METHODdefine. DATA    loentity   TYPEREFTO iwbepifmgwodataentitytyp,    loproperty TYPEREFTO iwbepifmgwodataproperty. IF loentity ISBOUND. Mime. Type.     loproperty setascontenttype. ENDIF. ENDMETHOD. GETSTREAM method of class ZCLZTESTPDFDPCEXT as below,METHOD iwbepifmgwapplsrvruntimegetstream. DATA  ltkeys     TYPE iwbeptmgwtechpairs,  lskey      TYPE iwbepsmgwtechpair,  lvcustomer TYPE scustomer,  lvxstring  TYPExstring,  lsstream   TYPE tysmediaresource. READTABLE ltkeys WITHKEY name CUSTOMERINTO lskey. CALLFUNCTIONZTESTPDFDISPLAY    EXPORTING      icustomer lvcustomer    IMPORTING      exstring lvxstring. EXPORTING isdata lsstream                    CHANGING  crdata erstream. ENDMETHOD. As SAP Gateway performs changing the XSTRING content to proper media format, we need not to write extra logic of generating url etc as explained in FM logic sapui. ZTESTPDFDISPLAY at master Cm. Imsapui. 5 displaysmartformpdf Git. Hub. Instead of that, we just need to export the XSTRING content from FM. Improved version of FM logic is as below,FUNCTION ztestpdfdisplay. Local Interface   IMPORTING     REFERENCEICUSTOMER TYPE  SCUSTOMER  EXPORTING     REFERENCEEXSTRING TYPE  XSTRING Data Declaration  DATA   lvfmname             TYPE rs. TYPE ssfcompop,  lvlanguage            TYPE tdspras,  lscontrolparameters  TYPE ssfctrlop,  lsoutputdata         TYPE ssfcrescl,  lvpdflen             TYPE i,  lvpdfxstring         TYPExstring,  ltlines               TYPETABLEOF tline,  lvdevtype             TYPE rspoptype,  lvapptype            TYPE string,  lvguid                TYPE guid3. TYPEREFTO ifhttpresponse,  lscustomer            TYPE  scustom,  ltbookings            TYPE  tybookings,  ltconnections         TYPE  tyconnections,  lttstotf              TYPE tsfotf. TRANSLATE lvlanguage TOUPPERCASE. OTF from Smart Forms  lscontrolparameters nodialog X. X.   lscontrolparameters preview space. No previewget device type from language  CALLFUNCTIONSSFGETDEVICETYPE    EXPORTING      ilanguage            lvlanguage    iapplication          SAPDEFAULT    IMPORTING      edevtype             lvdevtype    EXCEPTIONS      nolanguage           1      languagenotinstalled 2      nodevtypefound      3      systemerror          4      OTHERS                5. Set relevant output options  lsoutputoptions tdnewid X. Ms Windows Xp Sp3 En on this page. Print parameters,  lsoutputoptions tddelete space. Print parameters  CALLFUNCTIONSSFFUNCTIONMODULENAME    EXPORTING      formname          SFEXAMPLE0. Open multipage PDF Ai Scripts. Have you ever needed to edit a PDF in Illustrator PDF to copy a couple of elements If you have, then you know that you have to open the PDF and choose the page you wish to open, close the file and if you need to work on a different page you have no choice but to repeat the processas many times as needed. It gets annoying very quickly, there must be an easier way, right Right, by way of a script, it will basically do all the tedious work for us. Download AIopen. Multi. Page. PDFCS4CS5. Installing and Executing Scripts.