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Adobe Photoshop Coats' title='Adobe Photoshop Coats' />Creative Charlotte Photographer Rich Taylor Photography. AWARDED One of the 5 best photographers in N. C. 1. 20. 11. NEW STUFF UPDATED Creations Families 1. NEW STUFF UPDATED FAMILIES, PORTRAITS, PETS. Check it out Call to book your session today DONATE DONATE DONATEAre you looking for a wonderful organization to make a donation to this holiday season Look no further. I had the honor and pleasure to photograph for Operation Warm. This is a nonprofit organization that gives FREE coats to children all across America. Yesterday, I photograph the team giving away 7. No child went without a coat. These people work so hard, are so energetic and simply make the children so happy. The team does not just give the coats away. Adobe Photoshop Coats' title='Adobe Photoshop Coats' />K LOVE Radio was there playing music, they had lollypops, dancing and even two successful soccer players shared fun and games with all of the kids. To say this team went above and beyond to bring smiles to each and every kid is an understatement. Each child was paired up with a volunteer to get personal attention. Can you image the happiness each child felt To donate is simple. And I am not a man who talks without action. I made a donation yesterday before I left. PUBLISHED I am so incredibly happy, humbled and proud to announce that one of my images is a full page feature in this months Shutter Magazine. To say that I am honored and grateful is an understatement. Thank you so much to Tyler Boswell model who worked so hard with me to get this shot. Thank you to Studio 5. Last but not least thank you so much to Sal Cincotta and Behind The Shutter Magazine for believing that my photography and creation was worthy enough for this months issue. Adobe Photoshop Coats' title='Adobe Photoshop Coats' />Again, I am beyond grateful and so thankful for all that helped me achieve this goal. Visit www. behindtheshutter. Shutter Magazine UPDATES. Galleries Creations and Portraits have been updated with some new vogue style photos Take a look Want to book your session Give me a callNEW FAMILY PHOTOS Is your family fun, goofy and playful Do you want to capture those special moments and have those memories for a lifetime Book a family photo session todayModern Calligraphy 101 The Basic Supplies youll need to get started with practicing free practice sheets Modern Calligraphy 101 Free Practice Sheets When I. Rich Taylor Photography is a Creative Charlotte based Photographer. High resolution creative wallpapers almost created with Photoshop. Size up to 1920x1326 pixels. What Are Vector Graphics Most images that you see on a Website are. Browse unique items from wowwowmeow on Etsy, a global marketplace of handmade, vintage and creative goods. YJAO8MUM/VwiXCc6OPtI/AAAAAAAAAPc/cadvEm2VDpcp_jUBPJoQIGibtjl6oIGhg/s1600/sherwani-1-2016.jpg' alt='Adobe Photoshop Coats' title='Adobe Photoshop Coats' />NEW STUDIO PHOTOS I had the pleasure of photographing a few amazing models this past weekend. Thank you all who was professional and gave me the amazing opportunity UPDATED New stuff in the creation and portraits portfolios. SIMPLY GRATEFUL. Thank you so much to all of my clients as well as my fellow photographers. Your kindness and support for my work is so appreciated. I received the kindness message this week that read. Your work is a statement for all photographer. Thank youDone Partners specializes in branding, marketing and strategy effectiveness. We help clients achieve profitable growth in an age of hypercomplexity by applying. With our easy DIY projects, see how to make a window shade, fix up furniture, reinvent accessories, and get more decorating ideas for your home. UPDATED GALLERIES Check out the new images in LOVE, FAMILIES AND PORTRAITS. Shields Photoshop Custom Shapes. Free shields photoshop shapes clip art in CSH file format. There are 50 vector shields silhouettes in this collection. NEW GALLERY HALLOWEEN Time for some scaresCheck out the new seasonal gallery NEW SCENIC VIEWS TO PURCHASE Do you need a beautiful picture to hang on your wall that will inspire a room Take a look at the new photos from a mountain top under portfoliopurchase. Want to purchase one Give me a call for a quote on the digital file or a print CEMETERY SHOOT Tomorrow I have a cool session in a cemetery Cant wait to shoot, edit and share JUST ADDED PETSPETS PETS A new furry gallery FAMILIES PORTFOLIO UPDATEDBrand new images added to my families portfolio Check it out 1. BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS EVENTExciting weekend I volunteered photographing for Big Brothers Big Sisters documenting their big fund raiser in Charlotte photos to come later this week. The event was called Over the Edge and lived up to its name. Besides volunteering. I literally went over the edge rappelling down 1. Hyatt House building It was so much fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat View the video here https www. WEDDINGS PORTFOLIO A LONG TIME COMING New portfolio finally releasedWeddings Weddings Weddings A huge thank you to all that trusted me to capture beautiful moments on your very special day See all of the weddings under my new category. NEW STUFF IN PORTRAITS Portraits is a critical area in photography. Before one can venture our into other areas. Reading the light, cropping correctly, angles that are complimenting and overall correct exposure. It is a mixing bowl that if you add the right ingredients. Psx Psp Gameshark. WEDDING WEDDING WEDDING Saturday morning I went into Asheville to photograph a 7 hour wedding that was held at a castle It was beautifulThe bride and groom was a very handsomebeautiful couple. The day was perfect New Wedding Portfolio will be added to the gallery soon Keep coming back for updates CREATIONS New photo in creations This one was especially fun because I was able to incorporate my family animal. Lion 0. 91. 81. EVENTS I was honored to be the lead photographer during the 2. Charlotte CIO of the Year Orbie Awards ceremony. See the newest photos in eventsPORTAITS Just uploaded a session with a great young man First session for him and he did great See the photos in portfolioportraits. CREATIONS CREATIONS Back in the studio to create my stories. New stuff in creations folder. Check it out then book FALL SESSION SPECIALCooler weather Even cooler photo sessions. Book your fall session with me in advance before I am all booked upMention Fall. This includes ordered printsFALL SESSION SPECIAL Fall is officially upon us and as I am sure most of you know. Book with me now for a fall session and receive 1. Just mention Fall. Book now to block your desired date NEW GALLERY ADDED BABIESI love photographing babies Especially when they cooperate I had the pleasure of photography a baby girl newborn and she was a delight So easy to work with, calm and loved the camera. You can see the new images on my Facebook page or visit my portfoliobabies section. Enjoy 0. 81. 81. BUSY BUSY BUSYWhat a busy morning photographing the 2. CHARLOTTE CIO OF THE YEAR ORBIE AWARDS What an amazing turn out with over 5. Congratulations to the winners and of course the CIO of the year NEW STUDIO AND CREATION SHOTS Check out my new studio shots in Portfoliostudio and one new creation in Portfoliocreations Great models with new ideas and poses. Enjoy 0. 80. NEW STUDIO SHOTS Check out my new studio shots in PortfoliostudioGreat models with new ideas and poses. Enjoy 0. 80. 41. CREATIONS UPDATEDCheck out my new creation in Portfoliocreations Enjoy and happy Friday to everyone. Back in Action I took July off for a much needed vacation and to photograph beautiful landscapes. I am back Mention August 2. Call now to book your sessionPromotion ends August 3. Updates Events and portraits were just updated I had the pleasure of photographing again for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Charlotte for their 2. Big Day At The Lake. Patti Smith Land Rar - Download Free Apps there. These volunteers and their. Thank you to all the venders who donated their time, food and fun. It made for a successful day BIG NEWS I was notified this morning that I have been accepted as an Adobe Stock Contributor. This is great news as I am being recognized as a serious. Thank you Adobe Stock for the kind invitation. Also, one of my photos was also selected by the judges at viewbug as one of their favorites. It simply feels great to be recognized as I have worked so damn hard to be the. I am today. It has been a difficult road filled with struggle, frustration, commitment and extremely hard work. In fact, I dont think I have ever worked as hard. I have being a photographer. Modern Calligraphy 1. Modern Calligraphy 1. The Basic Supplies youll need to get started with practicing free practice sheets When I shared this video of me playing with some gold calligraphy the other day, the questions I received made me think I should do a post on the basics of getting started with Modern Calligraphy. The main reason I wanted to share the basics with you is because I really believe anyone can learn this art form if they want to It was so hard at first, I almost gave up. Im a lefty and though I am a hand lettering artist, I never had much luck with getting calligraphy with a traditional pen to look like anything more than chicken scratch. And then I learned brush lettering. Practicing that started to make using pressure to control my stroke become second nature. So I decided to give Modern Calligraphy another shot and it just clicked. I still practice a ton and I also still consider myself a beginner in learning this lovely art form, so this post will cover the very basis supplies, basic strokes, and practice worksheets for letters with flourishes. Supplies. Lets get started with what youll need to learn and practice. You dont need the fanciest stuff to begin. These are fairly inexpensive but not so cheap that they dont work. Im a bigger believer in the value of purchasing quality art supplies Modern Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe  When I decided I wanted to learn Modern Calligraphy I bought this book. Its wonderfully informative, has beautiful letter sample pages, and even has a ton of project ideas to make with your calligraphy. Strathmore Calligraphy Pad  This pad is designed to work well with calligraphy pens inks. Rhodia Dot Pad  You see me use this pad a lot in the videos I do. The little dots are perfect for keeping your lettering straight at the baseline yet slanted italic style. Calligraphy Straight Pen and Nib Set  This is the set I started out with. My favorite nib in the set is the pointed 5. I find it easiest to work with as a beginner. Oblique Pen Holder  They say the straight pen holder is better for lefties but I actually find the oblique much easier to work with. India Ink  There are so many lovely inks you can use for calligraphy but this basic one is perfect for getting started. Liquid Gum Arabic  This helps prep your nibs so the ink coats them properly. I didnt have it to start but invested in it recently and oh what a difference it makes Pen Cleaner  Pretty self explanatory. This is for cleaning your nibs. Ink Set  For playing with colored inks. Just plain fun Prep your Nibs. New nibs are coated to keep them from rusting. Prep a new nib by running it through the flame of a candle very briefly or scrubbing it with a toothpaste and toothbrush. Rinse and dry it. Your ink should coat the nib smoothly if the nib is properly prepped. If it beads try running it through the flame of a candle very briefly or scrubbing it with a toothpaste and toothbrush once more. Dip it in the liquid gum arabic and gently wipe clean before dipping into your ink. This helps the ink flow smoothly and prevent the nib from catching on the paper. Its especially useful for thicker inks like the Fine. Tec Metallic Mica Gold Paints Ive used in some photos in this post. Ill touch on that in a coming post, but you apply it to the nib with a small paintbrush. Lets Practice Start by getting the hang of basic strokes using pressure. There are three types of strokes to use for basic practice Diagonal strokes Go up with light pressure for thin line and down with heavier pressure for thick lines. Loops Practice using various pressure in a continuous motion to achieve loops as shown below. Simple Flourishes Again practice using various pressure in a continuous motion to achieve loops as shown below. Then practice letters I put together 9 sheets you can use to practice letters with flourishes. Dont worry if your letters dont match up perfectly. All that matters to start is getting in practice, getting used to using pressure to control your stroke with, and practicing as often as you can. Youll be amazed at how quickly you improve just by doing it Download the free Modern Calligraphy practice sheets here. Once letters get easier, then move on to words and sentences. Check out all my tips on Hand Lettering including basics, brush lettering, cheater calligraphy, book recommendations and more here. Happy practicing Lets Connect. Facebook  Pinterest  Instagram  Etsy.