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A Definitive List Of Car Books You Just Have To Read. There are an immeasurable amount of books on motorsports. These few are a some of my favorites because they capture the dream of motorsport. Guys like Donohue, Hunt, Hill, Caracciola and Rosemeyer, Buffum, and Perry Mc. Boy First Book Of Radio Electronics Morgan Pdf' title='1954 Boy First Book Of Radio Electronics Morgan Pdf' />1954 Boy First Book Of Radio Electronics Morgan PdfLast month, internet service provider Cox began charging residential customers in Arizona, Louisiana, Nevada, and Oklahoma an extra 10 for every 50 gigabytes of data. BibMe Free Bibliography Citation Maker MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. Special Issue Click to view pdf Click here to find a print version Oct. Joshua P. Carney Battalion chief at Midway Fire and Rescue. Joshua Powers Carney of. Carthy. Guys that werent born into a motorsport family. Guys that found racing on their own and did great things with their dreams. So here we go. I know youre reading this on the internet and Im telling you to read a book, but some of the best automotive history can only be found on paper. A few are on Kindle, but for the most part youll need to order a physical copy. It will be alright. The Unfair Advantage. This is the single best story of a career in motorsport. Its the autobiography of Mark Donohue, an engineer that competed in a local hillclimb that eventually led to him winning the Indy 5. Porsche 9. 17 3. Unlike almost every other book in motorsport, this one was written by Mark himself. He took a year off from his career in 1. Ive ever read. Its heavy on the engineering details so it may not be for you, but if you work on your own cars or racecars you need to buy this book now. Throughout the book Mark reminds us that hes not the fastest driver on the grid. He wasnt raised from birth to drive. He needed his cars to be faster than everyone elses cars so he could be slightly slower. He need to engineer his cars to be faster. Mark needed his cars needed an Unfair Advantage that could only be found through proper tuning and engineering. He was also supposed to be one of the nicest guys on the grid wearing his plaid bermuda shorts whenever he could. The book takes you through his career and all the technical knowledge he learned from each race car to the next. The cool thing about Marks story is that you realize you dont need to be an Andretti to win. You just need to understand race cars better than the next guy. Or really better than everyone on the grid. The Limit. This is my favorite motorsport story. It reads really fast. As if Michael Crichton covered the romantic era of motorsport. The book opens with Phil Hill and how he got into racing through wrenching. It quickly gets to him entering the Carrera Panamerica as a guest driver of Ferrari where meets the other drivers and the book takes off. Next thing you know youre fully immersed in the 1. Mille Miglia. It was an era where simply buying a race car and winning a few races was enough to get you on a factory team traveling the world. It was also a time where many of the drivers around you wouldnt live till the end of the season so best to not make too many friends. If youre looking for a good read on this era with all the technical details, this is the book for you. Its almost hard to believe that Brock Yates pulled off the numerous runnings of an illegal cross country race on public highways. The whole thing is a great read from the discussion of the original ad that started the whole thing to the the tricks used by the teams used hoping to gain an Unfair Advantage. Gas stops were a huge drag on time, so some teams had the ability to fill from two pumps at once to speed up the process. Others brought so much gas they could make the entire cross country run without stopping yes it was a van full of 5. Forget about the ridiculous movies that only really have their name in common and grab a copy of the book the covers the real races that ran illegally for years. Imagine a magazine planning an illegal, flat out race on Americas highways today That would last an hour. So if you are into crazy stories about racing and road trips, this is a must read. When youre done, you can enter One Lap of America and run the modern, legal version of this historic race. Driving Forces. This book reads like an India Jones version of Grand Prix. It takes place during the 1. Far Cry Gamepad Patch on this page. Hitler rises to power and Germanys two Grand Prix Teams, Mercedes and Auto Union are formed and begin to dominate the world scene. The story isnt just about the politics, its more about the drivers, the misfit group of guys that were fast enough to pilot the insane vehicles of the era and their struggle as Grand Prix drivers on a German national team. I never fully appreciated this era till I read this book. The cars had so much power and the tires so little grip. Not any driver could pilot those Grand Prix cars and the pages on the initial tryouts at the Nurburgring were horrific. The book is bit tougher to read and at times feels like someones thesis paper, but the stories are incredible. Hard to believe incredible. Actually Im not sure I agree with the authors thoughts on Rosemeyers death near the end of the book but in general this book is an excellent read. One Off The Roads, The Races, and Automobiles of Toly Aruntunoff. This story is very different than the others. This story is about having fun with cars. About what you might do if you grew up super wealthy and spent it ordering the best cars from Europe so you could enter them in the 1. Sebring or the Targa Florio. Its about a guy that decided to build his own racetrack and now we have Hallett. If youve ever driven the track I bet its one of your favorites. It has numerous blind crests. Some with corners immediately after and others with straights on the other side. You can run the track clockwise or counterclockwise and both directions are ton of fun. Anyone could build a race track, Toly built something fun to drive. And thats kind of how is life went. Anyone could have raced cars. Toly had fun with it. There are some parts in the book about him riding around with his friends on bikes that arent in your typical car books, but its all part of the story and makes for a fun read. James Hunt The Biography. I love the 1. 97. Grand Prix season. I read the books long before the movie came out, but I guess thats why they made a movie. The story is amazing, and like most stories, the book is so much better than the movie. If you like Rush, you are going to loose your mind when you read the books. There are maybe 4 now. Shunt is the most recent which was put out in 2. Gerald Donaldson is the one to read. The season was unreal. So many little factors had such a huge effect on the outcome. Things like the Mc. Laren oil coolers which were moved without knowing the effect on the aero and it nearly changed the outcome of the whole season. You also get a much better look into James Hunts life. Especially the early years and how he managed to actually get into F1. If you liked Rush and wanted 1. James Hunt The Biography. Flat Out and Flat BrokeThis is a must read for anyone aspiring to a career as a professional race car driver. Its a story about a guy that risked everything and lost almost everything just to race in Formula One. He ruined relationships, bank accounts, lost houses, cars, and generally any normalcy of a regular life. All to race in Formula One. As usual, there are some ridiculous stories involved because he wasnt a regular driver on tour. Things that are no big deal for regular drivers became a nightmare for Perry Mc. Carthy. Things like the team remembering to get you at the hotel on race day or receiving credentials to get into the pits and drive your race car become a nightmare. Normal things for normal drivers. Things you dont think will be a problem when you finally make the big show become great stories decades later.